Friday, April 30, 2010

How this all began.....

This story begins when two people namely Mark and Nancy were widowed found each other through some crazy internet dating site and fell in love and got married!  Mark was happily married to Robbin for 38 years and Nancy was happily married to Gary for almost 30 years.... We are who we are because of whom we have loved!   It all happened pretty quickly we met online in early November and were married on Valentine's day 2010.... and don't regret it one bit!!!  We were both lonely and felt like God put us together for a reason!  I am so thankful that God put Mark into my life!  In saying all that Nancy left her home in Southeastern Illinois and moved to "this Old House"!  Funny that used to be one of my favorite television shows before HGTV was born!  "This Old House" is over 100 years old!  In redoing old houses you always run into problems and sometimes open a can of worms!  I love redoing and making things beautiful so here goes our makeover!  On this makeover quest we are trying to make this home beautiful and not spend a fortune!  So there will be lots of paint used!  Did I mention we not only blended our lives (our children are grown so it is not like they were all thrown together under one roof to live) but our dogs, they are a challenge.... anyone want a dog?  Let me know!  Mark had 3 pomeranians (Gizmo, Bella and Bear) and Nancy had 1 Boston Terrier (Dude).... now Nancy was already struggling just having one dog in the house now she has 4 oops did I mention Bella had a puppy (CoCo) while we were on our honeymoon?  So that makes 5 yes 5 dogs... CoCo the newest member is leaving soon for a new life in KC so that will put us down to 4... still too many for one house no matter how big it is.... So the dogs have been a challenge! 


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