Tuesday, March 18, 2014


You know I really don't mean that…… BUT  I had the brilliant idea Saturday to pick up some paint for the Family Room, you know to help tie it all together, and then I bought more ASCP in Paris Gray and I have now painted the end tables and coffee table…. now before you get all bent out of shape for me painting these items…. They were a good brand Bassett and were already painted, I bought them like that from the furniture store 11 years ago…. they were starting to get chipped up a bit, and since I was trying to steer away from it looking like a Red/White and Blue room, I thought it would be the perfect solution.  (My furniture is Navy leather and I do not see that changing anytime soon, it is in great shape) I think it was a good solution highlighting the Navy and adding Red and Gray, but I am pooped!  I found an inexpensive rug at Lowe's and some red pillows at Target', and….. and…..and…… I think I am finished.  I did replace the drapes, found some gray linen looking drapes that are energy efficient drapes.  So yes, indeed I am finished!  I think ASCP should be giving me a quantity discount ;)

First I moved everything in my nice clean Family Room off to the side and let the chaos begin!

Valspar "Nimbus Clouds" on the left and the old color a putty color on the right….

Oh yeah and I painted a shelf in Emperor's Silk and used Dark Wax on it…...

And the gray linen looking drapes…..

And there you have it the "New Look"…….  

I also painted the mantel with the Paris Grey and highlighted it with Emperor's Silk and Dark Wax

So there you have the "new look"…..

I think I will go take a shower and go to bed!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

and it continues…..

I have the bug, the paint everything you see with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Bug…. It is a really serious disease.  (No I know it really isn't…… but it sure seems like it when I do not see the end in sight.)  I inherited this problem from my dear sweet mother God Rest Her Soul!  She was the queen of the paint brush.  If she painted it once she more than likely painted it two or three times.  I remember as a young teen she painted my bedroom outfit Antique Blue…. I LOVED IT!  I not only have this problem but my daughters seem to have the same affliction….  Of course ASCP wasn't around in my mother's day and she would have had a coronary with the price.  I will say the stuff goes farther than any paint I have ever seen!  just saying……  I miss my Mom, she always wanted to know what I was crafting!  Mom, I sure hope there is a window in Heaven and you can see me!!!!

OK, so here are some shots of the family room.  NOW I have to change out my drapes to gray, and paint the coffee table and end tables ASCP French Linen…..  So you see it just goes on and on!  My paint store is about 40 minutes away Fresh Vintage in Muscaatine, Iowa.

Inspiration fabric in gray, a clock already red ;)  Oh yes, yes I did paint my lamp bases, covered old shades in gray patterned fabric, and made runners for everything…. did I overdo it?  Be honest…..

The red is Emperor's Silk and Below you see the difference between just waxed on the left and on the right waxed with both soft and then dark wax….

The nobs are painted in french linen…..  Ta Daaaa the finished cabinet…...

Oh yeah, the sewing machine was running most of the day…. made some new pillow covers….

See those creamy white end tables?  As soon as I get to Muscatine those babies will be French Linen….  and so will the mantel…….. HELP…. ;)  A bunch of red tulips… tis the season.

So just in case you wondered what I did today…. There you have it!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Painting my world…..

Finally got my plates on the wall to give the finished look of the dining room…. the spot below looked empty so I thought a bench would make it warm and inviting… went to GW found some sweaters (darn Pinterest) washed the sweaters for making a couple of pillows (yes they are lumpy I need to sew the stuffing into some fabric then put inside the pillowcase).  Decided I would finally complete the Burlap Wreath I started a few months back….. So here it is….

AND one thing leads to another… onto the family room where I have navy furniture….  The table I have behind my navy leather sofa is getting a makeover.   While I like patriotic I am not going for the patriotic look in the family room, I am going with Gray (the new neutral) , Red and Navy I think I can make it work!

Stay tuned, this program will be interrupted for an awesome day with my grandkids!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Strikes yet again…..

I have been looking at these two cabinets for a while, and thinking of painting them.  I have a tendency to want everything to be my favorite color of blue…. So I decided to change things up a bit and make the accents in the Dining Room a pale yellow.  I went with Annie Sloan Arles…. I toned it down a bit with  cream and loved the results.

Here is before…….


Before and Below are the After Shots

I am thinking in the picture below I need to tone down the shelf on the wall!  I may be distressing it with some ASCP Cream…. and the mirror ?  I may paint the mirror in cream?  I have not decided yet.  and I am thinking a skinny bench to set between those two cabinets?  Fluffing that is what I do, I fluff my nest…...

I added some fabric inside the back wall of the cabinet ( I just stapled it on!)

And a better look at the plates that will replace the ones on the wall as soon as the Disc Hangers arrive!

 and another chevron runner I whipped up…..

The shelf below is distressed with the previous shade of cream showing through!

With the night lighting not sure you can see the color very well…..

 Too many days of snow….. makes me want to paint something!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A little bit of this and that….

I don't know about you but I am sooooo ready for Spring!  We have not seen the ground since the middle of December, and I don't remember when the time ever changed that we still had snow on the ground, but it looks like this Sunday that is exactly what will happen!  We have had close to 60 inches of snow this winter!

I can never leave good enough alone, I just repainted my chalkboards in the kitchen for the 3rd time… I think this one is a keeper…. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence…. LOVE It and it blends in much better in my kitchen!

And this little grandson "needed" a Minion Hat!  So I happily obliged !  Isn't he the cutest?  Of course I didn't make sure his face was clean!

I love Chevron and made this quick runner for my dining room table….

That is what I have been up to… Hope you are staying warm!