Monday, May 26, 2014

The Emmaline Bag

I just finished up The Emmaline Bag... I ordered it online this morning from who other than Janelle at Emmaline Bags!  I love her patterns they are so thought out with pictures and a good set of directions!

The interior photo is a little fuzzy!  (sorry)

I cut it out this morning then we went to Megan and Kevin's for lunch, I finished it when I got home! I am liking the green and teal!

Hope you had a good Memorial Day!  I am so thankful for all the men and women who have fought for our country to give us the freedoms we have today!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Name...

I finally have figured out how to change my Blog Header thanks to some tutorials from Sew Many Ways!  So bear with me as I am trying to make some changes!

My Blog started out as This Old House In New Liberty 4 years ago this June.  My original purpose was so our family could see all the changes we were making in our home and since we purchased another home and moved last fall it didn't make sense to keep the same name.

Wrapped In Love came about when I started a fund raiser to help my daughter and family with their overseas adoption and I started a Facebook Page to sell knitted scarves and other items on.

Thanks to a friend (Lynn Tullock) came up with the name Wrapped In Love for me and since everything I do (whether it is Knitting, Sewing, Painting or DIYing is done with Love,)  I decided to just name my Blog that also!

So stay tuned as my journey continues!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Mabel Messenger

The Mabel Messenger Bag just got finished up a few days ago.... and I couldn't be more pleased... It is a Birthday gift for my first born daughter, she picked out the fabric and she wanted a pop of color for the interior, and knowing she loved pink, I thought this would be perfect for her!  The pattern I am sure will be a favorite, the pattern is by  Jenna Lou Designs, it was a simple and straight forward pattern!  My daughter has seen a sneak peak of it and it will be in her hands this morning!

The bag has a magnetic closure and a gorgeous silver button for some bling!

I added the outside hidden pocket with a zipper and The Handcrafted Zipper Pull came from  if you are in need of hardware for your bags she is the go to gal!  You will have your order all the way from Canada in at least 7 days!

The inside Wow color!  I put in a hidden pocket with a zipper and two slip pockets!

While I loved this bag, I soon realized that my gusset on the bottom was 5 inches not the 3 inches the pattern called for.... so what to do but make another... Yes, that is exactly what I did!  The reason being the 3 inch made for a taller, sleeker bag which is what I was going for with this purse.  So here is the difference side by side....  My measuring mistake was in measuring in the length 3 inches rather than in the width... Who knew it would make a difference?  I do, now! :)

 and the only real difference on the inside is the taller purse has and extra set of pockets on the same side as the interior zipper pocket.....  I like zippers and pockets what can I say??

I am assuming she will choose the taller purse with the smaller gusset on the bottom more suitable for a cross-body bag.... and of course I made her a wallet and it is again the Necessary Wallet by Emmaline Bags....  

It matches the lining of the purse.  This time I also made detachable straps for those moments that with four little ones in tow all she might need is her billfold and her hands free!  I did spray it with Scotch Guard to help protect from little fingers! :)

I will take some pics later today with the Birthday Girl and her purses!  Wow, where in the world did the last 36 years go?

We had Breakfast with her and her and her sweet family this morning!  She loved both purses!! :)  We then went to Lowe's and the rest of her gift was a 5 gallon bucket of paint for her downstairs! Somehow I think I will be involved in the application process!  :)

Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Weekend.    Nancy

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Necessary Clutch

Oh I think I just found the wallet/clutch that is just perfect!  You can get a lot of necessary items in it! ;)  After finishing it I found a tutorial for adding a removable strap, which I will add next time!  I made it in an afternoon, so it was relatively easy, and the directions were great!  The Pattern is from Emmaline Bags and she sells the hardware kits also!

Next time I won't topstitch with white!  

The Clutch has two pockets you cannot see, one is by my finger and my checkbook is in there... the other is right in the front for cash!

Bella found a spot to nap up on my chair covered with fabric and interfacing!

Happy Monday to all!  Nancy

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Convertible Bag.....

Here is my 3rd Bag of the Month finished.....  I must say I really liked this pattern!  If you want the pattern it will most likely will be for sale after June/July when the Bag of the Month wraps up!  You can go to At Home with Mrs. H ......  she is the author of this pattern.   This was a super easy to make pattern!  I also used Annie's Soft and Stable for the first time, and while it is pricey it makes a huge difference and is so much easier to work with than the heavy Peltex!   After looking all over for Annie's Soft and Stable locally I found it right across the Mississippi from me at the quilt shop!   I will use it on all of my purses.  The only thing I really did different is I am a believer in interfacing and I used a medium weight fusible interfacing on the straps and tabs I really feel it gives the finished  look to the purse/purses!!!

I will say that the hardest thing about the bags is trying to buy the hardware locally!  By the time I go from store to store to find exactly what I am looking for to no avail I am better off ordering off the internet!

So here is my Convertible Bag ... with the hardware on this bag it can be made into a Backpack quickly!!

You cannot see it but there is room for your wallet, there is also 2 pockets and a hidden zip pocket on the inside of the bag!  Plus the outside pocket and the outside hidden zip pocket!

Happy Rainy Friday!!  Be Blessed in a big way!  Nancy

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

update mania....

Sorry if my blog roll is confusing today,  I was doing some long overdue housekeeping by putting labels on all of my old posts.... I had gotten lazy and quit doing that a couple of years ago.  So somehow it reposted a post from a year ago when I was doing this task..  my blog needs an overhaul any suggestions???


The Kiss Clutch

Yesterday, I made The Kiss Clutch by Chris W. Designs, her patterns are great with pictures of everything!  I bought some hardware from her for the June Bag of the Month so she was sweet and included the pattern for free!  Thank you Christine!

It was a super easy pattern!!

Go on over to her blog and check out her other patterns, you know you want to  make one!

Chris W. Designs

Blessings to you on this Tuesday morning!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Bag....

I made this a few weeks ago ( was waiting to get it shipped to her before I posted) for my long time friend Pat, she has been so good to take care of some errands for me with my house that is over 5 hours away from here.  I have it on the market and she is Johny on the Spot to do things for me.  In this case she was "Pat on the Spot".

So I knew that she loves purses, the bigger the better and she LOVES yellow....  ( I waited to post this until she had received her surprise in the mail)!   I hope she enjoys it as much as I had fun making the Purse and the Wallet!

I ordered the purse pattern from Etsy, the instructions left a lot to be desired.... It was one piece of paper with no illustrations.  but I will say I have found the best pattern designer's around and will continue to give them my business...... I joined the Bag of the Month Club so look out.... it looks like I will continue to make bags.... The wallet I pretty much have down pat!  I am not a yellow person but I LOVE this fabric....  Can you see the outside pockets on the bag?  Next time I will do a contrasting fabric!

One of the things I wished I had followed my instincts on and not paid a bit of attention to the author of the pattern was to sew my handles on BEFORE finishing the bag.  Oh well you live and learn!

The pattern did not call for any pockets anywhere!  No fear, I put a zippered one on the inside as well as a pencil pocket and a little bigger pocket PLUS two outside pockets which a cell phone will fit into.  Well at least the iPhone  fits in it!

The wallet  I LOVE!!!

And the inside.... on the far left their are two clear pockets for ID .....  a small zippered pocket for coins, two pockets one for cash and one for a checkbook and 5 slots for credit cards.... I think I have it covered!  The tri-fold-wallet pattern came from Craftsy and was worth every penny even if I changed it up a bit.  

and a coin purse key fob ( my first) and here is the free tutorial for that.....  Thank you Dog Under My Desk!  It is my first and not so perfect!!! Oh and my yellow zipper doesn't match up too well.... 

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!

Blessings to you!  Nancy

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bag of the Month #2

Bag #2 was a Butterfly Sling Purse by Janelle MacKay at Emmaline Bags, it was an easy pattern and her instructions were awesome!

*** Edited to note that this pattern is through the Bag of the Month Club over at and the pattern will not be offered for sale until after June when the club is over!   Sorry for any inconveniences!

I now have March, April and May to catch up with!

This bag will make a wonderful travel purse, no need for a billfold with room to spare!  I used Amy Butler fabric and purchased my hardware from the author of the pattern!

A photo id holder, a pocket plus a zippered pocket!

Lots of room for all of your cards (you know all of those cards from every store you ever go to that might give you a discount if you use it enough?)!

Happy Thursday, the birds are sure chirping this morning!  Nancy

Saturday, May 3, 2014


I found a tutorial over here at My Go-Go Life for Cathedral Pincushions....

I made a couple of them.... these would make nice little gifts!

Happy Saturday!  Nancy

Friday, May 2, 2014

Bag of the Month.....

Well, I guess I went and did it.... I committed myself to a six month Bag of the Month Club, Over here at Sew Sweetness..  It is a six month project.... only problem is it started in January and if my calendar is correct it says May 2.  The good news is I have the January bag finished!  I am loving the challenge that each of the patterns have.

The January Bag is the "Bye Bye Love Bag" by Sew Sweetness herself.   The instructions were great.   I used M'liss fabric for the exterior and lining and Michael Miller for the solid color....  I did put black vinyl on the bottom of the bag.  I chose to use metal zippers, just because..

So here you have it.....  it is a pretty good size bag.

Love the lining too which has 2 big pockets on each side of the interior!

Nice roomy zipper pocket on the backside.

This picture does not do justice to the roominess of the inside.  There are four large pockets and even a slender pocket for a couple of ink pens.

So there you have it my first Bag of the Month... One down five to go, with four to catch up to!

Have a Blessed Weekend!  Nancy