Friday, December 24, 2010

Sites of Christmas in New Liberty

Well here it is Christmas Eve our travelers finally arrived around 7:oo am this morning!  It took them 12 hours with a 3 hour break because of the horrible roads but they finally made it and we were thankful for their safety!

Here are some pictures from around the house today!  I didn't take a picture of it but I made Christian a Birthday Wreath to take home with him his birthday is the 28th!  I also got some of Robbin's old ornaments and made a wreath that we can hang up each year, I have heard stories of how she delighted in decorating for the Christmas Season and I am sure I don't hold a candle to it but am glad I could honor her by making a wreath we can hang up each Christmas! 

I did get the buffet painted, have not decided if I am going to antique it or distress it?  Also put some shelves up and love the look!

Mark so enjoyed spending time with Christian today, they went sledding, built a fort out of cardboard in the living room, watched movies and even took a nap! 

So now I will bore you with some pictures!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

Sylvia checking out her mother's buffet that I painted this week!
Sylvia with her mother's buffet!  She said she would be thrilled!

Grandpa and Christian

Cranberries, snowflakes and candles in canning jars!

My grandmother's china

A Barr family favorite!

My manger set a gift from my daughters a few years ago!


The wreath I made this afternoon after finishing Christian's Birthday wreath!

I really love how this ended up looking!  Love the shelves that I can display my grandmother's china on!

The wreath made out of old ornaments!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas a week early!

You know how you anticipate and look forward to a certain event or family gathering and you prep and prepare for guests and then it seems like in a blink of an eye it is gone, over, done and all you have left are the memories?  Well that is just what happened to me!  We have been working really hard to get some projects completed for Christmas celebrations we were having here in New Liberty and the first event is already over with... everyone has gone home... the beds have been stripped the floors vacummed and the trash has been put out... now all I have left is these few pictures I took and the memories in my head!  Memories are something you can keep forever!  We had Super Girl Heroes at our house!  Aunt J made some awesome Super A and Super C capes and eye masks!  The girls loved them!  Between Miss Capri swirling around in her dress (Miss C thinks she needs to wear a dress everyday and it cannot just be any kind of dress it must have a ruffle or skirt on it or she is NOT a happy camper and this is at age 3)  and little Jagger loving his roller coaster ride he got  ( I think his gift was a hit.... all the kids wanted to ride on it)  I sure hope he doesn't break his neck on the silly thing!  What was I thinking???

Now we are gearing up for our next Celebration on Christmas Day!!  I hope and pray you find the Joy that Jesus birth brought as you celebrate this awesome season!  Go make some MEMORIES!

Super Heroes don't need a car!

How many men does it take to put this together?  TWO with a supervisor! :)

Jagger on his first journey down the track!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I think that title pretty much sums up my feelings at the moment!!  Our Christmas celebrations with family begins this weekend, and I had an extra little push to have much done by Tuesday  (don't feel badly about that Megan, YOUR Dad and Mimi were absolutely thrilled with your surprise of arriving early!! so glad I kept my mouth shut and didn't spoil the surprise!!!! :) AND we enjoyed the visit from you, Katie Jo, Sam, and Michelle oh and we loved having Kevin also!! and THANK you Kevin what an awesome dishwasher you are!  I have been very busy between laying the kitchen floor, tiling the fireplaces (which by the way I will grout when completely finished, I still have to tile the hearth in the family room)  I have put away MORE boxes of my belongings and where does all of this crap come from???   My next project will be filtering through more of my things to get rid of stuff!

OK now I know you didn't want to know all of the above! BUT it is my life and my blog! haha!

NOW to the house..... The kitchen floor is finished!!! Praise the LORD!!  The new gas stove is supposed to be in the store tomorrow for us to pickup and the plumber is coming Friday to run the gas line!  We still have to finish one of the bookshelves in the family room but I am so pleased with how they are looking!!!  Mark had this old buffet that belonged to his maternal grandmother and he was going to pitch it!  The buffet is scratched and needs some tender loving care!  I am thinking of a white antique effect.... opinions please!  I will also put about 3 shelves above it to display my grandmothers dishes!

I am so excited my children, and grandchildren will be here this weekend to celebrate our Saviours Birth!  It will be so much fun!  Mark's children who live here and who have already arrived will be here for dinner and we so look forward to celebrating with Mike, Jill and Christian the following weekend!

After the last few days of marathon cleaning, hanging curtains in the family room  I so enjoyed just chilling out with my coffee this morning and admiring it all!  Yes I know I still have work to do but it is looking good and I love it!

So just in case you are bored here are some shots of what our house looks like this morning!
AHHHHhhhhh I am loving how this is going to look!  Mark still has to finish the shelves on the right!!

I love the shelves Mark put up!  My Great Grandmothers Platter and also her Pitcher and Bowl!  Mark has a collection of Hurricane Lamps! The cross stitched picture says "Bless this House" my mother made it and it always pleased her that I had it on display!  I wish she could see it!

NO.. it is not jail bars!  Those are PB wall art display racks... I am needing some more black frames so I can get pictures hung and still looking for the brackets that go on that hold my vases.... now which box could they possibly be in???

Santa Stockings for all the grandsons (they are hanging double) and purple and pink stockings for my little girlies!!!

A nice little wave from my favorite snowman!

The fireplace finally painted and the NOEL Pottery Barn knockoff that I made with wooden letters from Hobby Lobby and glued together... saw it done on a blog, thanks to whomever it was......

A better look at the tile....

The old buffet, that I am going to paint!  BUT   first I have some repair work to do on it!  Lots of gouges in it!

The breakfast nook and a look at the tile!

Yes, I am praying the stove comes in tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Progress is being made!  Today I painted the fireplace, it had been living with primer on it for several months!  I was glad to put that monkey to rest!  I also wallpapered the insets on the stairway today!  Another thing I can cross off the to do list! 

Tonight Mark got the frig pulled out and the flooring repaired so now I am ready to do section #2 of the kitchen floor!  My goal is to have it completed by Friday!  I think I might just make it!  Then it will be on to the next thing!

I will post some pictures tomorrow!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A peek at the tile!

Here is what I am busy with today!  I am tiling the kitchen floor!  Mark pulled up the linoleum and patched a few places in the subfloor over the weekend...  We are doing it in sections!  Tonight he will put out the fridge, replace a couple of pieces of subfloor and I will go ahead and tile and grout it!  I am quite pleased with the outcome thus far!  We are using 18 inch vinyl tile that you put spacers in between each tile and actually grout it with a latex grout!  This is saving several thousand dollars versus having someone else lay it!  (Lowes wanted 4700 to put new subfloor down, and lay ceramic tile!  This cost just under $600!!!!)  The end effect it does look like ceramic!  Not sure I could tell the difference!

Happenings around the house....

Lots of things are going on here and mainly trying to get some projects done before our Christmas Get Togethers begin, which is December 18, so I am hustling like a mad women trying to accomplish a lot of things!  Primer is on the kitchen floor and I will begin laying tiles this morning, so I will do some picture posting later today!

Hope this Christmas Season you all have time to find the Joy that we sometimes forget when we get so "busy"!

Blessings to you on this cold Monday Morning!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You know I cannot do a Wordless Wednesday!

You know I am continually busy, bad habit I guess... I have never been much of one to sit around and do nothing and of course I have a ton of things on my "to do List"!  So even though I was going to be gone most of the day.... ( I had a delightful luncheon to go to with some friends I don't get to visit with very often! Thank You Kathy!)  I have been quite busy painting the nook area of the kitchen (Valspar Paint "Drizzling Mist"  ceiling "Silver Leaf") and painting the woodwork (white) ... I painted a chalkboard onto the wall (love it) also painted a big frame "french blue" to put around it, Mark started pulling up the vinyl linoleum on the kitchen floor and well we have just been busy!  So here are several pictures so you can see what is going on!

Here are some pictures with more finished ones to follow!

Oh yes you can see the mess in the reflection !!!  I have to make a mess to make something pretty it is pretty much a law!

Cute little two layered tin I got from Hobby Lobby ( any suggestions on what to put in it?)

I got these a year ago to make and just now got around to it!

Yep there he is working away on the floor! :)