Friday, April 25, 2014

The Blossom Handbag

I love Amy Butler fabrics, although I cannot find them locally, I have some ordered online and wish it would hurry and get here!  I did find this awesome pattern from Amy Butler - the Blossom Handbag. I have been looking for challenges to see If I can actually make them look like the pattern.  This particular bag is a little bigger than I thought it would be, it is very stylish looking and quite roomy inside!  I will try it again but would love to try some Amy Butler fabric on it!

So here it is .... another bag.  I already felt like the bag lady because I love purses... but now I have proved I can make my own!

Have a Blessed weekend!  Nancy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another purse under my belt....

So when I bought a new sewing machine a month ago, I was excited to sew again...... I never thought that my by far favorite thing so far was to tackle making purses/wallets/bags....   I just made purse #2, I do not believe I have ever sewn piping before so that was a first and I need some practice on that one!  The piping was a challenge on the corners.

This pattern was bought from ... the pattern was good and I am sure I will buy more from her, her instructions were good!   Although I did like the Tinker Tote, since it was video instructions, I could keep replaying the video.... ;)  the Craftsy Class was kinda pricey $39.00, but it also taught me how to Quilt as you go which was why I didn't mind paying the price.  I like the pattern well enough that I will make another!

Below is the finished bag, notice I even put brad/rivets on the straps.  Finding the hardware was one of the hardest parts... I should of just ordered them from the author of the pattern!

It has a zippered closure which I really like!

And pockets on the inside!

Now I have a very belated Wedding Gift I need to make for a special couple..... I guess it will be their 1st Anniversary present!

Happy Wednesday!  Nancy

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another Wallet

I just had to try one more wallet while it was fresh in my mind!  This time it has two inside pockets one for cash and one for a checkbook, plus two clear pockets for a driver's license and maybe another form of ID…. and a zippered pocket…..  I think I know what I want now in a wallet!  Yay!  Trust me it isn't perfect!

A little bow for cuteness….

Happy Wednesday!  Nancy

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Wedding Gift…..

I have been putting my new sewing machine to good use!  I made a thermal casserole carrier for a Bridal Shower this weekend, I thought it turned out pretty good!

The inside view…...

And here it is ready to go!

I put my labels I made on the inside flap….

Oh and this bride won't be losing her casserole dish, I used my Cricut Machine and cut out a stencil of her name with vinyl and stuck it on the side and etched her name in the glass pan!!!!

I think this will be the year of the handmade gifts!!!

Happy Tax Day!!!  Nancy

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just a few things

Since I made the Craftsy Quilt as you go Tinker Tote Bag by Tara Rebman, I decided if I could do that I could make a tri-fold wallet to go with it!  So I found a pattern online and I did just that, It took a couple of hours, because I decided to do the outside in Quilt as you go…. I am sure next time the wallet will not take so long, but with this being my first and trying to figure out the pattern in my head and exactly what I was doing… it took a little bit to do it.  I certainly will not be afraid to tackle it next time!!

Below you can see all of my finished pieces done and ready to be put together…… who knew it would be so easy???

Below is the finished Inside view of the Wallet… I did add a few things to the wallet, I had some clear vinyl so I made a spot on the left for my drivers license, (it goes where the Fuel Saver card is)   and instead of 4 credit card pockets I made 5 pockets…. the right is a cash pocket.  Next time I will also add a zipper on the outside for coins, and a couple of more slots to make use of all of my space on this tri-fold!!!

I made some fabric labels with my logo on it…...

And here is the front.  It has a Velcro closure in case you were wondering…..

Oh yeah I made a little bag for purse junk to match also…. ( I even lined it, made a pocket on the inside and put a zipper in)…….

 And there you have my purse ensemble!  Vera better look out!!!

oh and I had this clear iPhone case laying around so Voila' a cell phone case to match…. I must stop myself!!!!!

What did you do this weekend?


Friday, April 11, 2014

Tinker Tote Bag -

Yessireeee I signed up for a Craftsy Class….. Quilt as you go, Tinker Tote Bag. . . .   It was a great way to do a project, and learn some new techniques.   I put Vinyl on the bottom so I can wipe it off when it gets sat somewhere nasty…. I made my own bias tape.  Trust me it is not perfect, but I like it!!!!  You learn by your mistakes.  I scaled this down a quarter smaller than it was supposed to be… but it is a nice purse size!  Vera Bradley look out! The Teacher for this class was Tara Rebman and she did an awesome job…. It was great that I could   P A U S E    and then go back where I left off…..

  And Here you have the finished project…

Can you tell what my favorite color is???

Almost finished below, before the bias tape.

and the inside one side has a zippered pocket and the other two pockets…...

 All the pieces are finished and laid out ready to finish up….

I was so impressed with my zippered pocket!

Don't look, I used some scraps for the pockets the one on the left is wonky at the bottom, but that is why it is at the bottom, no one will ever see it…. How do you like my wild lining fabric?

And there it is in all of its glory waiting for the binding.

You will have to excuse me now while I go clean my room again!!!!  Nancy

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Drying Mat (project)

I like drying mats…. Yes, I do have a dishwasher, but there are always those pans that won't fit, or the dishwasher is full and you do not want left with a sinkful of dirty dishes…. I have the store bought ones…. but thought as I am getting to know my new machine I would play around a bit.   The first one I made I used an old bath towel for the backing…. The second one I did I actually bought terry cloth fabric.  I thought the towel was a little stretchy when it came to binding it.  It will work just fine, the edges are a little wavy.  I am learning from my mistakes.  I did do the free arm quilting, on the first one.

I got a little carried away with the stitching, after all I was playing and getting acquainted!

The backside is terry cloth for absorbency ….

The one below I just quilted by sewing around the squares on the design with my walking foot.

Who wouldn't want to wash dishes if you had something cute to lay it on!

I Love Chickens and Roosters…..

And here is my new friend, we will call her "Jan" :)

Hope the Son is shining wherever you are!  Be Blessed!  Nancy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A little Spring Cleaning in the Craft Room…...

Sometimes, tidying up can be messy business!  That is exactly what I am doing this week…. I decided enough was enough and I just had to do something about my Mess in my Craft Room, SewingRoom, whatever Craft I am doing Room….. I have this nice island sitting right in the middle and cannot even use it because stuff is shoved under it in the middle….. and the top is covered, but as I type I have been working on this since yesterday.  When I look at the big picture is it overwhelming but if I tackle one project at a time I can do it!  It is getting there but oh what  a mess…….  I guess when you are a crafter this is an ongoing problem……

I have lots of crafty things I love to do and it is so much more fun to do it all in a nice orderly room than one that is a mess…. (I should make a sign for the room)  I have not had a GOOD sewing machine in years….. I used to sew everything, from clothes to curtains…. My old Singer gave out a number of years ago, and a few years back I purchased a Black Friday Singer at Target for a smacking $69.00, while it served it's purpose it never really sewed that great.  After much frustration I decided to purchase a "good" machine.  My Sister's have always had Janome's, and after talking to several quilters that is what I went with A Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QC, I am sure it has way more stitches than I could possibly ever use, but I hope it serves me well!  So far so good, I have done several small projects already!

So here is my cleaner than it has been since we moved here in October - Craft Room…..  Oh and as of yet this room has not yet been touched with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….. But you never know….. ;)

A few of my favorite things…….

and yes behind those two closet doors is more "stuff" but it is now "organized stuff"….. :)

A nice comfy chair to relax in!  And those "cube" storage containers have been great over the years… I have used them for a base of a desk, and once lined across a wall and they held a piece of countertop…..

So now I need to make something as you will see on my next post and hopefully not make a huge mess…….

Happy Wednesday!  Nancy