Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A New Bag From Chris W. Designs

I was thrilled when Christine allowed me test one of her new bags, The Epiphany Bag...  Testing a bag for an awesome designer is something I have wanted to do for  a while.  So I was thankful when Christine of Chris W. Designs let me test her newest pattern!

If you have never sewn a purse I will tell you that one of the very first patterns I ordered and made was the Sugar and Spice Bag from Chris W. Designs  if I can do it, I know you could too!  Her patterns are well written, with more instructions than you could possibly imagine.  She is very detailed in telling you how to make her bags and has an ample supply of pictures that go along with each pattern!

The Epiphany Bag was no different.  A very well written pattern and awesomely designed bag so it is a win, win!  Here is the link for the Blogpost about this new bag!  Chris W. Designs Blog

I enjoyed making this bag and will definitely be making more!  It is just the right size, not too big and not too small and it is stylish to boot!

So go on over to Christine's website and buy this pattern,  you have plenty of time to make several of these up for Christmas gifts!  Here is the link to Christine's website....  Chris W. Designs

Don't look at the strange legs on my  model, her legs broke and she is sitting on a plant stand!

I love the sleek look of this bag!

The roomy interior has plenty of pockets!

I love how the bottom of this bag is designed!

Okay so what is stopping you?  Go on over and order your pattern now!!

Happy Wednesday!!


Sunday, September 27, 2015

sewing, sewing, sewing

Oh and in between all of our adventures this summer, I have been busy sewing!

A diaper  bag for a sweet new Mom at church.

The Seneca Bag pattern by Betz White, was one of the Bag of the Month patterns.  I still have two I did not do,  one is cut out and ready to go!

I have a goal of making 10  twin size quilts for gifts (before Christmas) we will see if they get done!

This Diaper Bag out of the Professional Tote Pattern was made right before we left for Alaska for my sister in law's niece.

and these clutches..... I found out two nights before we were leaving for our two week trip that someone special wanted them for a wedding to take place two weeks after we got back from Alaska.  Knowing that I was also going to be gone for a week to babysit when we got home and that I didn't even have hardware to do this... I did stress a little.  I ordered the hardware from my favorite supplier and no worries about that they were home waiting for me when I returned.  That only left me a week to get them done,  My stepdaughter and her hubby came over one night and along with my hubby we got them cut out and they helped get some of the hardware on for me, and I had them done a day and a half later. :) 

This Diaper Bag out of the Professional Tote pattern actually was for a friend's daughter in law who lives in Italy!

This bag is for an order from a friend, from The Wavy Top Tote one of my all time favorite bags to make by Sweet Bee Buzzings, (it is  a free pattern)  I have lost count how many of these I have made!

A Strip and Flip quilt, free pattern from Cluck, Cluck Sew.  Awesome quick baby quilt!  Made it in a day and a half and I love quilting it in circles on my machine with my walking foot!!

Have a Great Sunday where ever you might be!   Nancy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A summer's end....

This has been a very busy summer to say the very least.  Much of our time was spent redoing the Old House In New Liberty, and finally.... we are near completion....  The house is now in the hands of our realtors!

Let's see The House in New Liberty (Which we just put on the market! YEAH) , An Alaskan Cruise, Nikolai coming home (what a Blessing to meet this beautiful little boy who is my newest grandson) and last but not least my stepson got married.  I think pretty much finishes off my summer!

We were went on an 13 day trip to Alaska, 11 of those days were spent with Princess Cruises 4 day on land and 7 days at Sea.  My sister and brother in law went with us (he was the official cruise guide)  We had a marvelous time to say the very least.

One of our many ship shots....  haha They were there with a camera at every turn!

Beautiful, beautiful Mount McKinley.. (yes this was before it was renamed by Mr. President)   We were among the 30% who actually got to see this view!

This picture was taken in Anchorage!  We were blessed that Mark's cousin Gary and his lovely wife Aileen have lived there for a number of years and took us on a sight seeing adventure!

Beautiful scenery ... Everywhere!

Lots of glacier waterfalls!

The Glaciers were absolutely amazing!!  The sounds they make were unreal!!

At one of our ports the ships look so big!!

At the end of our trip my daughter and son in law headed to Bulgaria to get my new grandson and bring him home!  So upon my returning home I traveled 5 1/2 hours to babysit my grandchildren and relieve their other Grandma.  We had a great time together and on our last day together we drove to Indianapolis picked up my hubby who flew in from Chicago and we spent the day at the Children's Museum.... and at the end of the day we drove to the Airport to meet Mommy and Daddy as they came home with Nikolai... what a joyous reunion.  I was absolutely thrilled to be a part of it!  Nikolai is  2 1/2 and is adjusting well to his forever home! Then upon arriving home from babysitting I had Wedding Project to do for Robert and his bride Michelle!  I made 11 clutches....  and then got ready for the Rehearsal Dinner.  The wedding was the middle of August and it was just beautiful!  We are so happy for them!

I will bore you with more pictures in my next post... What?  you thought I had disappeared?

Wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday!!!