Thursday, May 31, 2012

Howdy Friends!

Howdy to all of my friends sorry I have been absent without anyone's permission!  You know life happens and sometimes I just either a) don't have anything exciting to post or b) I am in the middle of a mess and just cannot stop to post something that might actually bore the socks of you!

Right now we will talk about a pressing issue.... gray hair!  I scrunch my nose when I say those words, but since I decided the end of the  year that I would try going gray and give up my glorious color....  I am at the point right now that my hairdresser assures me that one possibly two more haircuts will take care of it.... somedays I am ok with it and other days not so much.... the one thing is, I will stick it out and at least give it a chance it has certainly been a process.  What I do not like it the two tone of the faded colored hair and what my now natural is which really there is a lot of dark left, but around the front is more gray....

Will I make it and like it???  I will keep you posted....

This was in early January when I was just beginning the process

And this was last week at my Mom's 90th birthday party... bless her heart she had just gotten out of the hospital and was not feeling well at all.  

I have been looking around this past year at women's hair and seeing some who seem to embrace the gray and others who I know they have gray hair but still color it!  It is certainly a personal preference for each person to decide!  I will give it a chance once the faded color is all gone and I give my hair a chance to grow back into my hair style!  

So how about you... are you brave?

 Here is what the Bible has to say about gray hair....

Proverbs 16:31.....Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.

So there you have it..... (The Bible has it all and God sure knew women well to include this in his scriptures!)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

a little shawl

FINALLY something else to do with all that ruffle yarn I have!!!  Thanks to Maureen at the Sit n Knit in Knoxville, Illinois.

For the knitters that want to know how this was made.....

It was the dish rag pattern, I used Berroco Comfort Yarn,

I used just over a skein, size 11 needles,  You could also use a size 13 for bigger stitches! ....

Cast on 4 sts.
1st row: (RS). Knit.
2nd row: K1. Inc 1 st in next st. Knit to end of row.
Rep the 2nd row until you have the scarf as wide as you need it to wrap around you.

I then crocheted the ruffle yarn onto the edge of the scarf!!  EASY PEASY!
Have fun knitting yourself one!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

fun times.....

I had the joy of getting to see my two granddaughters in their school programs..... What Fun!!!

Capri doing her cowgirl dance with her teacher....

Abigail smiling at me!

And of course I did what every good Grandma would do... I took the kids to DQ almost everyday after school!  

I had a great time but the week went so fast!

S N A K E S..... Did I ever mention that I really dislike snakes???  Well, one evening we were working on getting the weeds out of Amber's landscaping,   and she went to get a pair of work gloves off the shelf in her garage right behind the orange bag in the picture below.... and low and behold there was a snake laying on the bag.... Talk about some freaked out women (she and I)  and her hubby bless his little heart didn't see the need to come right home and take care of it.... It was actually pretty funny.

So we go the neighbor to come over and move the bags.... and the poor snake was trying to get away....

Otto was trying to help us out....

 He even had his spider man gloves to help and some tools

But alas the neighbor did come and kill the snake.... I am sorry if you are a snake lover, and yes I am well aware they will eat mice and bugs and such....  I do not like snakes!

Hope you are having a good week!!!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Some snapshots .....

My life has been on the road lately.... visiting in Northwestern Iowa one week.... and Southern Illinois the next.... I have landed at home for a few days!

I never got my camera out of the car the first week... What was I thinking?  But I do have a couple of pictures from the time before that I never got posted....

This little gal will jump and jump and jump till it just wears her out!!!!

And this little guy here can go and go and go till he wears you out!  These two pictures 
were taken in February, but I just spent five days with these two cuties.... C man 
enjoyed me picking him up from school everyday and taking him for ice cream 
and to the park to play!!

Last week I headed south to tend to some landscaping at my house..... I have a gal pull 
weeds for me and try to keep up with it.  but it was in terrible need of MULCH.... I 
had the landscape place deliver 8 scoops of mulch, and didn't think I would get it 
all down.... but with the help of Amber, Dan and Mark we made it!  I had enough 
left to supply them with mulch for their yard and also a neighbor and friend across 
from them!  That was a lot of MULCH!!! So Thankful to have done and off of my 
mind!  I also had to see about some hail damage to my garage.. not sure if there 
is any damage elsewhere but I have an adjustor coming to check it out!  

You get the picture, there is some extensive landscaping here that just cannot be ignored!!! 
I do miss my pretty yard.... but I know with a lot of work we can have the yard here
looking pretty spiffy!!