Thursday, September 30, 2010

Work Ethic?

I am beginning to think there is no work ethic these days with some of the people we have hired to do some work... the only ones that has been dependable was Ron from Papers Lumber Company, we could of set a clock by him, also Koehler Electric were great to work with also and Barnett's were good except for the guy getting stuck in the wall! ;0

Now for the guy working on our floor.... He is right in the same ballpark with the Drywall guys!!! Kind of Sad... Not sure what is going on with him but the hours he comes and works is quite questionable!

Geesh.... maybe it will get done soon!

Please Lord help me to tolerate the slowness of these people without blowing a gasket!!

I'm just sayin if you are going to do a job... by golly be here and do it!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The wood floors that we uncovered under the carpeting are getting worked on this week.... They are being sanded, repaired and sealed... it is a work in progress!

Shabby Chic Hair Clips

I am truly thinking about starting an Etsy Shop for my obsession with making Hair Pretties.... I can only make so many for my Granddaughters, friends grandkids, and great nieces.....  Not sure they are "good enough" to sell....

Monday, September 27, 2010

My new grandson has arrived!

Amongst the midst of remodeling, exciting things happen no not the guy who lost his pants when he got stuck in our wall.....  But today my newest grandchild was born!!!

Jaxton Curtis made his debut into this world on September 27th at 12:45 pm weighing in at 8 lbs and 15 oz...  # 6 for me and with Mark's included this is # 7  between us!!  I had the honor of being in the delivery room, (3rd time for me doing this) I was the "fanner" I fanned Jala to keep her cool!

So here he is.....

God is so good!  With each new baby born I know that Papa Gary is smiling down from Heaven!  Thank you Jesus for this new life.... for the safe delivery of a healthy new baby!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

There is S'more to the story!

So everything started out pretty normal today..... Mark took the day off to help me finish painting..... We really got a lot accomplished.... Still have to put a 2nd coat of paint on the walls in the family room.  The fireplace people showed up around 9:15 am.... they were doing good,  they got everything done with our old chimney up on top of the house although they were not thrilled about the height, little did they know that wasn't all they would have to talk about!  The first fireplace was an insert into our old existing fireplace and went off without a hitch!  Now the second fireplace has a funny story to it... When all of this was being discussed at the store the owner assured Mark that it was fine to go ahead and have the drywall done before the fireplaces were installed, now if you look at the above picture you will see that there is a bookcase inset on each side of this fireplace with a soffit  like overhead...  well this guy who could stand in the spot  the fire place was going was going to have to exit out of the side of the house through a 10 inch hole..... he thought he could do it said he had made it through a 12 inch opening before...  (Below is the piece they took out of the outside wall for the exhaust to go through....)   keep reading,.....
Well guess what?  They inserted the fireplace and he hooked the gaslines up, and the pipe and the only thing he had left to do was exit the soffit where he was up in the wall above where our bookcase is going to be....  He could get his legs and his lower half of his body out up to his shoulders
and he was STUCK!!!   He came out feet first, looked like the wall was giving birth! hahaha

Mark thought for sure he was going to have to call the fire dept. There he is with his legs flailing all about and he couldn't come out any farther!   As Mark and the other worker were about to push him through he was able to contort his body and pull himself back into the wall?!!!  So there we have this guy who as he went back into the wall he lost his pants they were left hanging on the outside of the house and he pulled them back in  (a video would of been hilarious)... So I now have a half naked man in my wall.... I guess we could just feed him food and see what happened but Mark being the nice guy... You know that awesome drywall we just had done and I just put 3 coats of the expensive primer paint on?  Well my dear sweet husband rescued the guy and cut a hole in the dining room to get him out....  Now mind you while all of this is going on Mark and the other guy were outside laughing hysterically as well as the gals across the street at GB's were all taking a break and they were all getting a kick out of the happenings once again across the street this Old House in New Liberty!  Here is the hole my dining room wall is now sporting!
Might I add I was all for leaving the guy in the wall rather than destroy our perfectly beautiful wall? 
Here is Mark this evening acting like he is roasting a Marshmellow at the new fireplace which now has a Story!!

Actually I made S'Mores in the oven and Sylvia joined us!!

Oh the stories we have to tell about our renovations!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Drywallers finally finished yesterday... considering they started on September 7 and told us it would only take 4 days if my addition is correct finishing September 22 was not 4 days.  ... hhhhhmmmmmmm  they would of been finished sooner if they would of just showed up!!!  Oh the lessons we learn!   Anyway I am busy painting so I will post pictures soon!!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday-Fun Day!

These three were entertained by being twirled around in an office chair!!  Talk about squealing!

If you are bored with pictures of cute kids... Do not look any farther cause that is what you are getting today! The drywallers have been very unreliable to say the very least..... Here one day for an hour and the next day they don't even show up!  But go figure they came Saturday and Sunday and now we haven't seen them since....  their "four day job" is now into the 3rd week..... ARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH  we have other things scheduled to take place later this week and it would sure be nice to have this all finished before then.... They have one days worth of work to do... but they have not given us a full day from the start!  So since I can't show you any more pictures of what is going on in the house, here are the pictures from Saturday.... Amber drove up with the kiddos to her sisters house so we drove down to see them.  They were all going to come up here but our house is a total mess, we were going to go down to the park and let them play and have a picnic (it POURED) and the night before the girls decided to do a test run to see which vehicle they could get five car seats in and they would not all fit into any of them!!! I told Amber that is what they got for having so many kids (and I love and adore each one of them) and Jala still has one in the oven!  Which by the way this one could be ready to make an entrance anyday now!  I went down yesterday and painted the little guys room!

Sylvia holding baby Otto

You gotta be fast to take this little guys picture cause he is on the go constantly....

Me holding little Otto!!

Is Capri not just the cutest little princess you ever saw?

Jilane who had a ball with her cousins!

Mark holding Otto

Mark must of had the touch!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I have been doing....

As my drywalling saga continues...... (they came yesterday and taped only because Mark called the owner of the Company PREMIERE and told the owner as he was boarding a plane that we are in a time crunch and they are messing us up)  So we will see who shows up today.....

Yesterday I drove down to My daughter's and wallpapered the nursery for the new baby....

and got to spend some time with a couple of cuties....
Jilane did not want me to take her picture!  But she is sporting one of her head bands I made!

There she is without a frown!

Jagger (yes the picture is blurred but it is the only one I got of him yesteday)

Baby Blanket I made for Baby Otto..... I am working on another one now for Jala's new baby!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what do ya think?

So I was bored and agravated at the drywall guy for not showing up.... So I did something creative.... What do you think?  Do you think all the girls in my life would like to have one of these to hang their Jewelry on???


Today the Plumber showed up!  Yippee! He said he has been swamped the last two weeks so after today I will be able to have a wash machine in the Laundry Room!!!  The drywaller  (makes me want to plaster their name everywhere but I will try really hard to restrain myself )  pun intended here!  :) well he is on my list.....  maybe we should take our time paying him!  If he is so stinkin swamped why in the world would he go to a seminar yesterday??? Doesn't make sense to me but what do I know???  He told Mark yesterday they would be here at 7:30 am if we are on the same time zone he is way late!  It is now 10:09 am and he won't answer his phone and so far has not returned our phone calls.  I would cry about now but it wouldn't do me any good....  So goes life....  Still waiting to see if the Fireplace people show up to install two fireplaces and the Floor guy to give us a bid!


The drywaller guy showed up @ 2:00 pm he apparently is on his own time zone not mine! 
I knew I was in trouble cause they have been leaving by 3:00 pm and yessirree sure enough that is just what he did!  He was here for a whole hour!  So glad he could fit us in today!   The floor guy showed up late but he at least called telling me he was late!  The fireplace people will be here on Friday!  The plumber got most of the stuff done, I believe he is coming back to finish up!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Frustrating Day.....

Why do people tell you they are going to be at your house to work and then NOT show up?  Well the drywallers who originally said they would be done in four days did not show up today.... (they still have corners to put on everywhere and have not even begun mudding)  When Mark called him at noon to find out what had happened he said he was at an inservice and his guys would be here at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow.... well I am not holding my breath on that one... His crew has never shown up at 7:30 more like 10:30 and they leave by 3:00.... Maybe his estimation of a 4 day job was if he had help that worked 8 hours a day?  Then there is the plumber whom I called 2 weeks ago to do a hookup for a washing machine and to put an inline filter in the water line and to install a water line for a refrigerator... well he has never shown up either.... the person in the office said he would be here tomorrow unless there was an emergency... once again not holding my breath on that one.... then we have the guy who was supposed to be here today at 4:00 to give us an estimate on sanding the wood floors....  he didn't show up either... when I called him he said he wrote the time down but not the day, he was sorry, said he would be here tomorrow.... well the problem is I have some renters for my home in Robinson and I need to be moved out by the middle of October...( I know I said I wasn't renting it but this is a nice family that went to my church and I know they will take care of it) I suppose none of these contractors know I am on a time crunch.... I need to paint the rooms they are drywalling and I need to spend a week in Robinson packing up and having a yard sale... and in between all of this life happens... precious life that is.. My oldest daughter is going to give birth to a Baby Boy (my 6th grandbaby between Mark and I this is #7!) in this same time frame and this Nana wouldn't miss taking care of the older two kiddos for anything!  SO if everyone would cooperate we could get this show on the road... I am a fast painter so it can be done...  We spent most of the summer trying to get someone to give us a bid on geo thermal heat and finally gave up on that idea.... the only one actual bid we got was 66,000. buckaroos.... do we look stupid???  Don't answer that question!   Geesh I guess they were so overwhelmed by the size of the house (3 floors plus an apartment) that they didn't think it was feasible to even be decent enough to give us a price!  So I will pray that tomorrow will be a better day (and believe me I know that in the scheme of things this is nothing, we will look back in 6 months and it will all be finished and we will have a chuckle about all of this)... it will be a busy day tomorrow..... if they all show up, the drywallers, the fireplace is to be installed tomorrow, the guy for the estimate on the floor and the plumber... so for the time being I will leave you with the pics of the walls with the drywall on them....  You can get the idea of how it will look someday soon....   

Proverbs 24:3 (NIV)   By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;

I am so thankful I have not painted the cabinets and reinvented the backsplash in the kitchen yet because everything is covered with dust!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is an exciting day the drywallers showed up!  I am learning not to expect a lot from some people.. they were to be here at 7:30 and showed up at 10:20 but I am just so stinkin grateful that it is getting done!!!  YAY!! In case you can't tell that was a huge Yay!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend has come and gone and we had some visitors from Missouri!  Mark's Uncle, and his cousin and his family came for the weekend... We had an awesome visit and it was nice for me to get to know them better!  Jared and Lynn have four children, I might add this is a very sweet family!  Their children are so sweet and sincere and it was a joy to be around them and we certainly look forward to our next visit!  The boys had fun riding our bikes and helping Mark demolish the last wall!  Robert was out and helped get things finished up so we would be ready for the drywall.   We so appreciated all the help he has given us over the last several weeks!  Michelle was here also and she and Amanda had a little fun in the craft room making some flower headbands!  I know Sylvia enjoyed all the company!  By the end of the weekend Amanda had talked her parents into letting her take Bear home!!!  We know he will be happy there with all the attention he will get!!  Now we are down to 3 dogs! 
Amanda with Bear (Bear Loved Amanda!)

Can you tell that Bear was snuggling right in with Amanda???

Amanda is now the proud owner of Bear after pursuading her parents!

Matthew getting a swing with the hammer in the final destruction of the house!

Caleb had his turn with the destruction!

Caleb taking the wall down!

Daniel get his time in on the destruction

Amanda even took a turn!