Thursday, August 29, 2013

Changes are a coming!

Wow is all I can say......

Change is a coming......

I put my house in Southeastern Illinois up on the market in the last couple of weeks, since my renters relocated.  ( I had rented it for the past three years.)  I never ever planned on being a landlord..... NEVER!   It worked out ok, other than I had to pay someone to take care of my landscaping for the last three years, I had too much invested in it to just let it go to pot... or I mean weeds.  :)

Anyway, I hung onto it for various reasons, one I was not ready to let my beautiful home go..... but this kind of pushed me to go ahead and sell it.  I was fortunate that I had renters that took care of the house I may not be so blessed the next time!  It was not really a rentable home in the fact that I had done too many upgrades on it!  SO with that being said.... we had house guests here all summer well.... since early May.. My "step" daughter and son in law, were relocating back to the QCities after having completed their degrees, they had jobs waiting for them and began looking for a house.... Well their looking for a house got us looking..... NEED I SAY MORE?  They found a house and so did we!    We spend so much time and money on the road back and forth that it is absolutely ridiculous!  I have no ties out here in NL, I don't have anything I do out here so I therefore have no friends, my friends, my church are 30 miles away!  AND if for no other reason we needed "Our own home"


Yes, that is right we found the "perfect house" on the Illinois side (Yay, I will be an Illinoisan again) .... so now we have two homes to sell, I am confident that God will send the perfect buyer for both places, in his perfect timing!

The house we are buying has adequate room to provide a perfect place for my mother in law, plus a couple of guest rooms, besides a craft room and an office!  I told you it was perfect!  Praying the home inspection goes OK tomorrow so things will move forward!

So stay tuned as we do some finishing up stuff here on "this old house" and help me decide what to do about my blog?  Do you think anyone wants to see what I/We do to the next house?  This will be a real trip emptying out this house to say the least!  Mark's family had called this place home for the last 23 years.... I on the other hand have moved more times than I would like to count!  Although, with each new place that I have lived, I would have to say that I would of hated to have gone through life and not known all the people that God placed in my life!  Change is good!  (oh wait I may not say that when we are packing up)

Have an awesome Labor Day Weekend and that is exactly what we will be doing, laboring here!


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dining Room Table Runners....

I had been thinking about making some runners for my Dining Room Table..... I happened to be in the fabric area at Walmart earlier in the week and thought "why not check out their fabric?"  I only looked in the section that had the BHG Home Fabrics.... really some nice heavier fabric.  So I found two coordinating prints and this is what I came up with.  (Of course now I may be making these for each season.)

I first measured across the table to see how long I wanted them to hang on each side...  then I cut them all out, enough to sew them back to back.

Or right side together is what I really meant.....  and I ironed them to get all the wrinkles out before I sewed them together....

Then I started seaming them up  (Mrs. Fletcher if you are out there, please don't see I didn't pin them together!)

So there you have the four runners I made and then I made a really long one....

Out of a different fabric of course.....

So what do you think?  They were really easy to make.. In fact I see some fall ones coming up soon! ;-)

 Have a great weekend!


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