Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A little Spring Cleaning in the Craft Room…...

Sometimes, tidying up can be messy business!  That is exactly what I am doing this week…. I decided enough was enough and I just had to do something about my Mess in my Craft Room, SewingRoom, whatever Craft I am doing Room….. I have this nice island sitting right in the middle and cannot even use it because stuff is shoved under it in the middle….. and the top is covered, but as I type I have been working on this since yesterday.  When I look at the big picture is it overwhelming but if I tackle one project at a time I can do it!  It is getting there but oh what  a mess…….  I guess when you are a crafter this is an ongoing problem……

I have lots of crafty things I love to do and it is so much more fun to do it all in a nice orderly room than one that is a mess…. (I should make a sign for the room)  I have not had a GOOD sewing machine in years….. I used to sew everything, from clothes to curtains…. My old Singer gave out a number of years ago, and a few years back I purchased a Black Friday Singer at Target for a smacking $69.00, while it served it's purpose it never really sewed that great.  After much frustration I decided to purchase a "good" machine.  My Sister's have always had Janome's, and after talking to several quilters that is what I went with A Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QC, I am sure it has way more stitches than I could possibly ever use, but I hope it serves me well!  So far so good, I have done several small projects already!

So here is my cleaner than it has been since we moved here in October - Craft Room…..  Oh and as of yet this room has not yet been touched with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….. But you never know….. ;)

A few of my favorite things…….

and yes behind those two closet doors is more "stuff" but it is now "organized stuff"….. :)

A nice comfy chair to relax in!  And those "cube" storage containers have been great over the years… I have used them for a base of a desk, and once lined across a wall and they held a piece of countertop…..

So now I need to make something as you will see on my next post and hopefully not make a huge mess…….

Happy Wednesday!  Nancy


  1. The room is beautiful. I hope you are enjoying the new machine. Love your drying cloths.

  2. Awe thanks, but I need some lessons from the expert!!!!! :)


  3. What a beautiful room. I love all you storage cabinets. Seeing your room makes me want to make a start on mine.


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