Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Mercy Me.....

Why, oh why, do I do this?  I once upon a time had the most perfect craft room (this would be the first of many craft rooms I have had in the past 11 years) , after my husband of almost 30 years passed away 11 1/2 years ago a dear friend of ours finished the basement off in our new home......  I was an avid stamper at the time ( I sold Stampin' Up)  I had a good portion of the basement (1/4 of the basement) for my craft room.  I had built in cabinets, lots of counter top a wonderful work area, I even had what I will call my coffee bar, it had built in cabinets and a sink... oh why yes... I do have pictures.... So when I say "why, oh why", do I do this.... I just finished redoing my current craft room for the umpteenth time trying to make it more functional!

I had enough room in this, my first craft room to have 3 tables set up for classes! 

I sold this home in 2006 and moved close to my daughter and her new little family....  While I loved this craft room, I have no regrets of getting to love on my new little granddaughter on a daily basis... (she is now 8 1/2 )  Precious time indeed those 4 years and while  I lived there another one was born and I spoiled two little granddaughters!  

So stay tuned and I will show you what I did this week to my current craft/sewing room to make it more functional!

Happy Wednesday!  Nancy

Helping a friend...

In the middle of getting Christmas projects done, yesterday I dropped what I was doing and helped a friend (Cindy) make a Diaper Bag for her grandson who is due in March.  She chose Pul fabric for the outside and in nothing other than monkey fabric.  This particular pattern takes a long time to cut and prep and  it is a bag I would never try if I had not been experienced without having someone with some "bag knowledge" to help me!  Another friend Elaine wanted to get in on the fun and she joined us and helped with some of the prep work, (she even got to try out my Juki and I think she is sold!).  My Janome will not handle bags this big and thick!

You just have to put feet on these bags....

I just happened to have a few of these in my stash!

Can you tell she is pretty proud of her accomplishment?

and there you have it another bag is finished!  I know she is so excited about her new grand baby... I believe this will be the first baby in the family for a number of years!