Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Haven from the World…...

Today I would like to show you my craft room…. Once again I have a room all to myself.  Mark now has his own Den where he can go to study and get away from everything.

Before you look…. DO NOT JUDGE…. :)  Yes, I love yarn.. I love when traveling to find different Knit Shops to stop at.  I have my favorites that even if I didn't buy yarn I would still stop in just to see what was new.  How Yarn (most yarn) ends up in my stash is first you hold it in your hands and feel just how soft it is… then I kind of snuggle it…. if it ends up caressing my neck to see how it feels I am usually in trouble…  (You knitters/crocheters know exactly what I am talking about!)

The Yarn Storage came from IKEA it is the BILLY SYSTEM.  Inexpensive nice storage.  Love it!

*** edited to add***  The little chipmunk in his prison attire was a gift from a dear, dear friend Tony McCubbin to Gary on his 50 birthday 10 months before Gary passed away, it was fitting since Gary was a Warden in a prison, he kept it in his office and when you pushed a button, "jail house rock" plays!  Then there is the Build a Bear "Warden" the sweet, sweet children that my daughters babysat for throughout their college life (and whom they are still in contact with) they sent this to me after Gary died.  When you pressed one foot it was a recording of their precious little voices singing "Jesus Loves You" and when you pressed the other it was "Let me call you sweetheart"  These two items have always been somewhere that I can see them!  

The above is a new area for me I have not been able to set my sewing machine up somewhere where it can stay put, in years.

and below is the first crafting thing I have done in this room.

And for my "Stampin" Friends yes I still have my supplies (I have two closets that they are hidden in.
Thankful that this is all done and mostly organized… (I still have drawers to go through!)  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!  May God's Richest Blessings be on you and your loved ones.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

and onto the Family Room!

 I know yesterday was the kitchen but here is the Before of the kitchen looking into the family room…

I love fireplaces, preferably gas I have had my share of Wood Fireplaces and like the tidiness  of gas fireplaces.  This family room did not have a fireplace.  Before we even closed I had been eyeing mantels at the Habitat Restore!  I saw this beauty for $220 and didn't have to do a thing to it yet.   Someday we will put a gas fireplace in but not just yet.  Need to sell my home first  So the mantel just sat there for a few weeks and I happened to go into Sam's one day and was smitten with this flat panel looking fireplace which was only  $159. in which you could mount it on the wall if you so desired.  I was either blessed or cursed with the ability to look at something and in my mind put it all together…. It can you drive you crazy especially when you are at someone's else's house…. ;-)  I choose to say I was BLESSED beyond measure in all areas of my life.

So being that I read a lot of blogs I already knew what to do to take care of all the ugly wires from the TV and the Cables.  (cut a hole in the wall behind the TV and behind the upper part of the Mantel).  With the wires taken care of I then painted flat black paint onto the area behind the mantel  so you couldn't see my shelf that I painted black for the cable and dvd boxes and it made the fake fireplace heater blend in well and look like it really belongs there.  Shoot I may never put in a real gas fireplace this one does make the room cozy and no one really knows what it is until I tell them!  I also painted a board black and laid it on the inside of the floor of the mantel area.  It is sporting a cute little wooden train for Christmas at the moment.

The reason the walls beside the fireplace are yet empty is that we plan to build in bookcases on each side!

Here is our warm cozy family room!  I could just sit in there all day but then I wouldn't get anything done!  (although I do like to sit in there and knit when I have the chance!)

I bet you all wondered where I put the Big B?  The Christmas Tree base is actually a bent wood drum that I swapped with a friend one year when we were set up together in a craft show.  Thank you Lisa Lockhart!

Some of my yearly ornaments…...

The last thing my late friend Crystal made for me…. it was filled with candy.  She of course stamped and put together the unique box!

 And a picture of a very empty family room "before"! 

Tomorrow I will show you my Craft Room! :)  Nancy

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day #2 of my Christmas tour of our New Home!

Today I will show you the kitchen….. you have already seen the Annie Sloan painted cabinets. (which I love and do not regret painting at all!)

A dear friend gifted me this Santa a few years back and I always try to find somewhere special to put him!

The sign from a dear friend.

This "buffet" was not here before…… this is actually a dresser to a bedroom outfit but it wouldn't fit in the guest room so Mark (brilliant man) thought this would make a great buffet with more kitchen storage!  The cabinets above of course were not there either, we bought the two end cabinets from Lowe's and Mark made the middle section with shelves and I painted the upper cabinet with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I am trying to make it match the dresser oops buffet which is antiqued.  (it came that way when I bought it)  Oh and not sure about the two chalkboards looking at them makes me either want to paint a stem on the wall cause they look like Sunflowers or feel like I have eyes looking at me.  They came from TJ Maxx.

Mark has a  collection of oil lamps so why not include in the Christmas decor? :)  The picture below shows our wooded view out our kitchen windows where we have lots of activity at our bird feeders.

This picture is looking into the kitchen which also overlooks the family room.  We replaced the wire mesh upper corner cabinet door with a piece of glass  (the picture below doesn't show it well but the door glass is an antiqued looking glass we also  put glass shelves in those cabinets). Love that we did this!  The dishwasher will soon be replaced as it leaks… arrrgggghhhh   OH and see those white doors behind the cabinets on the way to the family room well that is my pantry and let me tell you it is NOTHING like the Pantry at our New Liberty House!  I am making do with it… there is quite a bit of storage but there will never be another pantry like that one!!!

Here is the "Before" of this cabinet!

Tomorrow I will show you our family room!  Hope you are staying warm!!!      Nancy

Monday, December 16, 2013

Finally this week I will give you a tour of our New Home!

The Dining Room where we love to entertain already!  This room is right as  you walk into the front of our house.  I hope it looks warm and inviting to all who enter!

The Willow Tree Nativity set has to be one of my favorite Christmas presents ever…. (from my girls)

The debate is still out on the plates on the wall.  Oh but the chandelier was love at first sight on clearance at Lowe's (it had been over $200 and I got it for $57.) :)

Every day this week I will be highlighting a different room!  Wishing you a Merry week!