Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awsome prints!

Sorry I have been lazy at posting this past week!  I found this awesome blog, Tara over at Divine Style  is quite talented and has an Etsy shop... I ordered this Name Art and framed it.  (HINT HINT you get it quite quickly as she sends it via email so you can either print it yourself or take it to have printed and she is really reasonable with her prices and she would love to do one for you too!  The picture below is hanging in our bedroom!  In trying to print it out I had a mistake or two and I used one of them in my dining room!

AND while you are there checking out her blog she has some freebies you can download and print for FREE!! 

The HOPE one is by me, but the Love and Faith ones are FREE on Divine Style  So go ahead hop on over to Tara's blog and tell her Nancy sent you!!

 I used fabric I had for the backgrounds on all of these in the Dining Room!! The Faith one above is Free and the Barr one is a bonus one I printed while deciding what I wanted (she sent me 5 different styles!)!

 How do you like them on my wall in the dining room?  I really like them!!  Thanks Tara!

Ok and just so you know I am a proud Nana of Seven!  This is Jilane, she had been sick for 5 days a week ago and this was taken after she had felt good for a couple of days!  She is trying out her brother's hard hat!  I love her smiles! 

Have a Blessed Weekend

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pictures to Bore you with.....

Just in case you are not already bored here are some pictures that will do the trick....  Sorry some are pictures I have retaken but there are things that have changed in the picture that you may or may not notice....  The Fireplaces were grouted last week, a piece of trim put up, a few decorating items added......  I tried to take some better pictures today and used a tripod so I wouldn't have any movement....  A few subtle changes and looking more finished all the time!  Knowing where we came from with these rooms in this post and how it looks now amazes me! 

Yessiree I got the fireplaces grouted this past week!!!!

Gizzy and Bella

Dude!  Yes they are allowed on "their" blankets and pillow not my good ones!! :)

Yes, I still have to work on the stairway!  And We are replacing the door behind the fireplace and we still have to do our woodwork!

See all the levels this fireplace has to decorate?!

This look will soon be changed when our Dining Room Table and chairs come in about 3-4 weeks See the picture below!

Alright... mind changed again.... THIS IS IT!  Yessiree Three is charm... If you are a salesperson out there.. be honest with your customer, the last one I couldn't get soon afterall (even thought they told me it was available for pickup it wasn't) and I really didn't give a hoot about the so called free television and realized after the fact that it really was NOT a good deal!  I know it makes me look really fickle and  I thought I had done my homework....... lesson to me... make sure you know!  In the end I am waiting 3-4 weeks so the sofa and dining room tables and chairs can all be delivered at the same time!  Patience........

Sorry if you are bored with the pictures I took today!

Hope you all have an awesome week!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh the dilemmas!

When I went to Slumberland on Monday and PAID for the loveseat it was with the intentions that "YES, we do have it in stock and we will deliver it on Thursday"! I was all up for that one! I like the old fashioned furniture store that you get what you see! No waiting except if you want it delivered and shoot if you have a truck you can take it right now! Well those furniture stores are far and few between now a days! So the day after I paid for the loveseat I get a phone call ......
THEM "UMMMMMMmmmm we have made a mistake and we don't really have the sofa in stock it will be late February before we will have it!"
ME: Well just cancel the order I don't want to wait till late February!
THEM: Well we will reimburse you so since you wrote a check it will be 10 days to 2 weeks before we will send you a check.... (in other words they will hold my money hostage for 2 weeks!)  NOTE to self, use your debit card you ding dong!
ME: Well that kind of sucks but yes that is what I want! ( I almost felt like they had told me I could get it quickly just because that was the only way I would buy it)......

So off I went yesterday looking again for the perfect loveseat to put into our "Front Room... aka Reading Room" you know the one with the lovely old fireplace that we haven't enjoyed yet!

So off I went to American and found a close substitute and they have it and if I want to pick it up I can do it anytime but I am opting for delivery which may take a week because Mark would have to find someone to help him lug it into the house and what if it got ripped trying to shove it into his van (the only doors that open in the rear is on the side the back ones are non-functioning!) SO now I am waiting for a phone call from American as when they can deliver it! OH and guess what they had a deal going on and I get a free flat panel television!

I really don't need a television I have one everywhere that I want one BUT I can buy a little gadget and make it my Computer monitor! I am rather sentimental about the one I have, it was Gary's he bought it with the money his fellow employees at the prison gave him when he retired 4 months before he passed away! He thought it was the coolest thing! And I still do too! So I think the television will remain in a box until my monitor goes out! So I guess I have a backup monitor! (unless I decide differently)

So today so far I have been a bum, ( awe I feel retired) :)  although I have cut a couple of pieces of trim to go above the mantel on the fireplace and have stuck a couple of pieces of tile back onto the family room hearth :) (A Christmas Story of how they came off anyway)  I am headed for the shower and then I will grout! Hope to head into the Y to do some walking this afternoon!

Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday to Jagger today my first grandson turns 2 and what a little ball of energy he is! He is such a cutey!

I will do a picture fest later!  :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Decorating pictures from yesterday!

Here are the pictures I promised!

A way to make sure all of our grandchildren can be showed off! Wall Picture Hangers from Pottery Barn a few years back.... paid tooooo much for them!

Jala and John's Family

Amber and Dan's family

Mike and Jill's family

The super soft luscious pillows from Tuesday Mornings....  close up they look like little rosettes!

The pictures on the left are all of our children!

LOVE TJ Max!  Candlesticks after Christmas 9.99 for all three!  The sage pottery crock 3.99!!  Glass container the lemons are in was 6.99!!!  Yay for TJ Max!

Candle holders 9.00 for the pair at Kohl's after Christmas sale.. finials from Hobby Lobby 1/2 price 9.00 for all three!  Topiaries from Tuesday Morning 12.00 each....

The loveseat to be delivered on Thursday!
So what am I doing today?  I am cleaning our bedroom and rearranging it... I hope to dig into a few boxes and find some items I am missing!  I also hope I can get the fireplaces grouted today!  I have a list a mile long to get done this week!!!  Have a Super Tuesday!

Monday, January 10, 2011


I have been very busy this past week.......  shopping for trinkets to decorate the house with!  My favorite finds have been at TJ Max, and a couple of things at Tuesday Morning.... but TJ Max is much cheaper!  I had downsized when I moved to Robinson in 06 and got rid of sooooo much stuff!  Wished I had kept a few things but..... I didn't have the room to keep too much!  So I am having fun "decorating" with my new stuff!  I am off today to go buy a loveseat and a chair for the living room!  Looked at this yesterday and can't decide if I want this or real leather!  My family room furniture is leather and with pets I love it!  I plan to buy a zapper thing to keep the dogs out of certain rooms so I may not have to worry about that!

Love seat we have looked at!  Don't care for the pillows but the loveseat is pretty comfy and will look great in front of the fireplace!!!

love these chairs for the dining room!!
So off I go before the snow hits!!!!  When I get home I will take a ton of pictures of what I have been doing and will post so get ready to be bored!

Happy Monday everyone!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Transformation Thursday!

I just linked my drape project up at......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Here are my after shots of the drapes!  I ended up putting shears under the drapes and love them!  It only added $55.00 to the project and that includes the rods for the shears!  So the grand total for the drapes and hardware for 5 huge windows is $216.00 ! I don't think that is bad at all!!!  Made me happy!

We still have to go furniture shopping for these two rooms!  Loveseats, chairs..... I think we are going to make the dining room table but I have some nice chairs picked out that I want to get!  So in the pictures you will see my makeshift dining room table!  I will post pictures when I am finished decorating the rooms!

Have an awesome week!