Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Terrific Tuesday....

It is a Terrific Tuesday except for the wind..... wow is it ever windy here!   I have been on the road a lot the last few weeks... (actually sometimes I feel like my whole life is spent on the highway) ;)   but in doing that as long as I am not driving I get a lot of knitting done!  So here are my latest road creations!!!  I love to knit, too bad I cannot drive and knit (no comments Kaye! hahaha) or wow would I get a lot done!  But... I do enjoy the times I am the passenger and can just get lost in my knitting!

Jaxton's baby blanket!

A neck scarf

AND FINALLY Jilane's purple hat!  She loves to wear hats and I have made her many of them as well as my other grandaughters, I normally put strings on the ear pieces but she likes to chew on them, and yes the hat is lined with fleece!  Since I have been making so many flowers and such for the little one's hair I thought I would put a fleece flower on her hat!
 Now I hope my battery charges up soon to my drill so I can finish putting up closet racks and such!!!!  Pictures will start appearing soon of our bedroom!

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  1. Do you listen to audio tapes while on the road? I do and it really helps pass the time, Nancy. Your knitting is beautiful. I adore the purple hat -- truly perfect, and the green scarf with an opening to secure it, the baby blanket -- every stitch is perfect. You are a very accomplished knitter. How you have time for all this, I do not know, but then again -- a person does find time to do what they love. Thank you so much for sharing these project on the Boardwalk Bragfest. They're all treasures!


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