Thursday, October 28, 2010

in case you are curious.....

What have I been up to?  Well I am knee deep in boxes.....  just to keep it real... here is what I am looking at...

And this is just the hallway upstairs!  I will take a pic of the downstairs on another day!  I have been busy putting up Rubbermaid Fast Track closet solutions the last couple of days.....  Give a girl a pair of these and look out!  They are much larger than they look!

Oh these babies are awesome you could cut just about anything off with these puppies!!   These have been around since my late husband and I put up the same kind of stuff in our home in Moline!  I will not part with these!!!  OOOP you just got a glimpse of my floor!!!! YESSIREE I love it!  WE sanded it then I put several coats of watererd down paint and sealer on the wood floors of our bedroom!  I had seen it done on another blog  I have always wanted to try this and why not?  It certainly fit in with the scheme of things!

While I was busy putting clothes away into our newly organized closets that are awaiting installation of bifold doors.... to hopefully be installed this weekend... here is what I have been up to.....

Mark's closet

My closet.... ummm yes that is a tub of shoes, I left my shoe organizer at my "other" house and will get it when I go get the stuff that wouldn't  fit into the u-haul!  The closet is a little deeper to the right that what you can see....

Yes, sorry but this is a long post.... then I have been dying to get a little bit of decorating done, so I decided after seeing the bragfest yesterday to make a wreath...... or two out of these flowers that I have been addicted to since the beginning of summer....

I think I will make another 50 flowers and go all the way around the wreath!
Did I mention I love this chandelier???

Nope, I am not near done decorating I have just begun, and have lots of ideas going through my head!


  1. love the chandelier! and what you've done with organizing the closets!

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