Monday, August 20, 2012

Lots of Work and a Little Relaxation!

So if you aren't bored with my kitchen pictures you will be!  ;~)  BUT it looks soooooo good!  I worked my hind end off last week, but it was so worth it although I was worn out when our company came and that wasn't good!  BUT we did have a great visit!!!  We went to the Zoo on Saturday and met some family for a get together!

But here is what we accomplished....

*  Painted and coated counter tops
*  Patiently waited 5 days before putting anything on top of the countertops  (with the second coat of
    Envirotex Lite it took a little longer)
*  Installed a new range hood (I love it)
*  Installed a new sink it is the coolest thing
*  Installed new faucets
*  Installed Ceiling Tin Backsplash from this place m-boss
*  Installed an  under the counter water filter
*  Installed a new garbage disposal

SEE I told you one thing leads to another!

I have purchased under the cabinet lighting and will soon get those put in also!  Oh and you will notice there are NO outlet covers on because why YES we are replacing the outlets too!

I love how this is looking!!!!!

Sink with the little sink and colander in place (it also has an awesome cutting board)

And a picture without the accessories that go in the sink!

Mark and his Mother feeding birds (he was a magnet to them)

Little Miss Smiley Pants!

We even got to feed the giraffes!  Would you look at that tongue?

And of course the dinosaur 

Papa Barr holding Caitlyn

Team effort up the hill

Caitlyn,  Jill and Mike
Christian and Mimi

Kevin and Megan

Mark and I (oh yeah I went and got my hair whacked is spikey in the back... umm I cried... but getting used to it)

AND there you have it we had a busy week but yet a great weekend!  Nancy

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  1. Love all the family pics! I miss you all SOOOOO much! Wish I could be heading up soon with the rest of the fam, but I'm going to be at home on dog duty. I'll try to come up soon while Meg and Kevin are still in town!


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