Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Mother

This is my dear sweet mother who isn't doing so well.... She has lived in Assisted Living for the last 6 years...  Mom fell last week and they discovered some old and some new fractures in her spine.  Mom is 88 years old... My grandmother had 2 sets of boy and girl twins and the girls from both sets are the only living children left out of seven!  I have always said that my mother was a saint in my eyes.... She always tried to do what was right, she was a godly woman, she taught Sunday School and VBS for many years, she didn't just talk the talk she walked the walk... My mother never worked outside of the home..  she was always busy sewing and taking care of her family.   Upon coming home from school there was always cookies in the cookie jar!  (except in later years she would hide the jar when Gary would come unless she was ready to bake)  Mom always thought of others before herself and her greatest joys in life have always been her family... I was blessed to live near her when the girls were young and they would go to her house before and after school since she and Dad lived right across the street!  When my Dad passed away I didn't know how in the world she would survive but she did, so she was always sympathetic of me when I lost Gary and when she found out that I got married this past February she said she was happy for me because she knew what it was like to be alone, she said she was too old or she would!  She and Dad were just shy of being married 60 years.  She never cared much for pets, but somehow she became somewhat fond of my boston terrier, Dude! (although she always thought his name was Duke!) :)
She always told my kids "we don't have much money but we sure have a lot of love"~   In all of my years I don't think I have ever heard a curse word come from my mother's mouth!
So if you are reading this if you could say a prayer for my mother I would most appreciate it!


  1. Nanc, finally got a minute to check this all out. So interesting and it is looking sooo good. Loved the girls' new head gear. So cute. You are a "FACTORY".

    Love ya, K

  2. Hope your mom gets better! she's in my prayers!!


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