Thursday, May 31, 2012

Howdy Friends!

Howdy to all of my friends sorry I have been absent without anyone's permission!  You know life happens and sometimes I just either a) don't have anything exciting to post or b) I am in the middle of a mess and just cannot stop to post something that might actually bore the socks of you!

Right now we will talk about a pressing issue.... gray hair!  I scrunch my nose when I say those words, but since I decided the end of the  year that I would try going gray and give up my glorious color....  I am at the point right now that my hairdresser assures me that one possibly two more haircuts will take care of it.... somedays I am ok with it and other days not so much.... the one thing is, I will stick it out and at least give it a chance it has certainly been a process.  What I do not like it the two tone of the faded colored hair and what my now natural is which really there is a lot of dark left, but around the front is more gray....

Will I make it and like it???  I will keep you posted....

This was in early January when I was just beginning the process

And this was last week at my Mom's 90th birthday party... bless her heart she had just gotten out of the hospital and was not feeling well at all.  

I have been looking around this past year at women's hair and seeing some who seem to embrace the gray and others who I know they have gray hair but still color it!  It is certainly a personal preference for each person to decide!  I will give it a chance once the faded color is all gone and I give my hair a chance to grow back into my hair style!  

So how about you... are you brave?

 Here is what the Bible has to say about gray hair....

Proverbs 16:31.....Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.

So there you have it..... (The Bible has it all and God sure knew women well to include this in his scriptures!)



  1. Nancy,
    I think you look beautiful! I stopped coloring my hair about 1.5 years ago just for financial reasons. It was hard for me but I am so used to it now. Girl you look great!
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Tara, Thank you!!! Hope all is well with you! Hope homeschooling is going well!!!! Nancy


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