Friday, May 31, 2013

Here I Am.....

Sometimes you have to slow down and just enjoy life!  I did that yesterday, although it was nothing that I planned!  I thought it was Knitting Thursday at my church but had the wrong Thursday.... So what is a knitter to do, but to call other knitters?  I did just that and my friend Cindy said "come on over and sit on my porch and knit and visit" so I did that!  Our friend Gwen joined us and we had an awesome time!  I am sure we were a sight I was teaching Gwen to "Arm Knit a scarf".   I had thought well we will stay till lunch time and head out to have lunch somewhere and go my favorite Local Yarn Store.  Well Cindy wasn't going to have that, she fed us an awesome lunch as if getting to sit on her porch that overlooks the Mississippi wasn't enough!  I could do that just about any day!!! Thank you Cindy for your hospitality!

Thought I would share a few pictures with you of my kitchen!  I cleaned this afternoon and can I just say I love my kitchen?

I don't know if you can tell but I recently put in under cabinet lighting and I LOVE it!  I had them in my previous home and had always missed them here!

One of my favorite things is my little Coffee Bar area!

I bought the cute Jars at my favorite store TJ MAXX and used my Big Shot to cut the vinyl.

I have planted some herbs in the little "garden" tin in the window so I hope to harvest some fresh herbs!

Some of you remember that late last summer I did a paint technique on my kitchen counter tops and finished it off with EnviroTech Lite.... in case you are wondering how they are holding up.... well here is a picture taken today almost a year later.  There are a couple of minor scratches but they are doing amazing and I would not hesitate to do it again!  I love them!

So just in case you were wondering now you know!

I am still doing lots of different mason drinking jars and selling them on my Wrapped in Love page on Facebook.  So go take a look!

Happy Weekend to all of you!



  1. Your kitchen looks great Nancy, I so love those nice shiny countertops! And the back splash. And the white cabinets. Oh how I wish I had white cabinets! How nice to get to sit with friends and knit. :) Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Awe thanks Debbie! You have a good weekend too! Nancy ( we have had lots of storms!)

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