Sunday, August 1, 2010


I keep getting requests to "see" where I am living... (as Abigail says, "but Nana we don't even know where you live!") Here is our house... it is a 110 year old 3 story home... Mark and his family have lived in this home for 20 years... so there are a lot of memories here.  There is an apartment on the back which Mark's mother lives in... "Sylvia" is a delight to be around!  The downstairs windows are ordered and should be installed in the next week or so! Yes that is insulation you see in the dowstairs windows wasn't Mark clever?  We are having a dumpster delivered on Tuesday so that will help with the rest of the remodeling...

the following pictures are what we worked on yesterday the bushes needed a serious hair cut and well let's just say they hadn't been trimmed in ummm a few years.... next spring a new fence may appear along with some landscaping...

The forest that took a chain saw to get through!

A bird's nest that Mark found in the process.... Might I just say that we sweated our socks off as we trimmed, hauled and burned we were tired when we finished!!

Taaa Daaaaaaaa!


  1. You are working way too hard (but sometimes we just have to, huh?) Great job!

  2. such a charming house. i look forward to seeing it in person! soon.


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