Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dining Room Table Runners....

I had been thinking about making some runners for my Dining Room Table..... I happened to be in the fabric area at Walmart earlier in the week and thought "why not check out their fabric?"  I only looked in the section that had the BHG Home Fabrics.... really some nice heavier fabric.  So I found two coordinating prints and this is what I came up with.  (Of course now I may be making these for each season.)

I first measured across the table to see how long I wanted them to hang on each side...  then I cut them all out, enough to sew them back to back.

Or right side together is what I really meant.....  and I ironed them to get all the wrinkles out before I sewed them together....

Then I started seaming them up  (Mrs. Fletcher if you are out there, please don't see I didn't pin them together!)

So there you have the four runners I made and then I made a really long one....

Out of a different fabric of course.....

So what do you think?  They were really easy to make.. In fact I see some fall ones coming up soon! ;-)

 Have a great weekend!


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