Monday, July 19, 2010

Houston we have landed! aka the bathroom is FINISHED!

I know that is a dumb title.... BUT The bathroom is done, finished, completed...... unless someone gives me the brilliant idea of should I paint my new medicine cabinet? and should I paint the cabinet the basin is on? The medicine cabinet is white and kind of just blends into the wall.... the cabinet base is distressed creamy color.... the way I bought it!  and Yes I bought the little cabinet a few years back... Before I learned I could build things!!! Thank you Ana!

So do tell me.... should I do anything to the sink base or to the mirror?

So now you have it.... the cabinet on the wall and the leaning shelves plans are from Thank you Ana White for your design!

 The ceiling is from Me! :)

Mark helped me with the ladder shelves and we had fun building it together!  You need four hands when putting this shelf together! 
I know it always looks like Mark is doing all the work but it is hard for me to take pictures of myself when I am working on my own!!! :)  Besides Mark looks better!
Ana's plan for the Leaning shelves at  - we did have to revise the plan a little like take off one of the shelves it interfered with the light.  plus I used 1x 4,s  6's 8's and 10's instead of plywood! and I used 1x3's instead of 1 X4's
Check out the pretty floor while you are at it!  I layed stick on slate looking tiles.... Mark put down concrete backer board and I thought about putting down ceramic tile.... but it is an old house and this is on the second floor it is quite sturdy but I didn't want to worry about the tiles popping loose!!

To get the distressed look on the shelves, I did it MY way I painted the shelves a teal color, then sanded with my sander to distress it a bit, then took a brush and dabbed some brown paint on and wiped it with a damp cloth to give it an antique look.... I sealed the shelves with polyacrylic....

And here is the other shelf from Ana's plans... I added some decorative woodwork on the sides of it!

Ana's plan on for the wall bookshelves

So check out the tile while you are at it.... I did the tiling... Mark put the backer board up and I tiled... learned how to do that on HGTV a few years back.... HGTV is scary it makes you think you can do anything!!

THEN  I decided to tie the new shower curtain into the shabby chic design I was going for in the bathroom and I sewed 3 ruffles of teal and brown material onto the shower curtain.....

Why did the bathrooom take us such a short time two months to completion?     Welllllll lots of things.... We wanted it at least functional before Megan and Kevin's wedding.... and it was :) (big smile)  and lots took place for that to happen.... we did everything ourselves except we had to have a plumber come and put new plumbing in for a shower because there had never been one before upstairs!  He also put new plumbing in for the sink and toilet!  When we had company over the wedding weekend we decided it was steamy and needed an exhaust fan (which by the way was the most powerful Lowe's had) so that called for an electrician .... Mark hung beadboard and put in a new window..... We had someone come and put a new coating on the tub... (which looks brand spankin new).....  there was just a whole lot to do! (remember when we started the bathroom it looked like this....)  and I was gone on several occasions during this time period....we helped move the newlyweds, I had to go south several times..... to check on my house, see my grandbabies, stay with my grandgirls why their momma was birthing their new baby brother!  went to Jala's to visit a  couple of times throughout this process..... moved my mother from one assisted living to another.... it all takes time and hey besides in the middle of all this running around and waiting on things for the bathroom I did guest room #2!!! So I have been one busy gal!!! 

With nothing further to say....
You have just seen the big reveal on the bathroom
...... taaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaa!


  1. Nancy, wow! Your shelves look so good! I love the finish you choose too! Thanks for sharing! Ana

  2. Awesome job on the bathroom! You should be very proud.

    Love the finish you used on the shelves. That's my favorite color.

  3. Over here from Knock Off Wood. The bathroom looks amazing! I love the teal, brown and white combo! It's gorg! I love, love, love the stenciled ceiling! Booking marking this so I can refer to this when I am ready to redo our bathroom. Great job!

  4. I just came from Ana's site, WOW Nancy what an awesome transformation - you and your hubby did a fantastic job! Way to go!

  5. I am loving those shelves and the color is brilliant! I am here from My Romantic home ;) You are right HGTV makes you go for it doesnt it?

  6. I like the colours you chose.
    I am a new follower


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