Sunday, October 6, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Have you tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint yet???  I am painting my kitchen cupboards in our new to us house, and can I just say ASCP is the cat's meow!  I don't really like cats so that is saying a lot!!  One of the most amazing thing about the paint is that it will stick to almost anything!  You do not have to sand, which made it well worth paying $37.50 a quart!  You do have to wash your cabinets or whatever you are painting with a detergent of any kind, I happened to use Shaklee Basic H.  I will most likely be finishing this little project tomorrow!  So here is a before and a sneak peak of the after shot.  I also chose to use the ASCP soft wax for my finish and still have not decided if I want to distress it or not.  I replaced all hardware on the cabinets, including the hinges.  I have glass being cut to put into the upper corner cabinets.

Below is a picture of the cabinets "Before" now if you are looking at this and saying to yourself "she is crazy these cabinets are beautiful"  BITE YOUR TONGUE!  They were 32 year old cabinets the handles and hinges were GRIMEY the wood was showing wear and tear and well they just needed my touch added to them so there!

And here is one of the two doors I had glass cut for!  It will be ready Tuesday and I cannot wait to pick it up!  They are going to look so different!

AND BELOW in all of it's Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Glory in the color of COCO now doesn't the paint color just say it all?  I LOVE THEM!  Yes the previous homeowners in an attempt to sell the house put in all new countertops (not what I would of chosen) and all new carpet and yes vinyl linoleum totally NOT what I would of chosen but down the road we can change all of that,  oh and see those white sliding doors that is the pantry, and can I just say OUCH.... after completely redoing our huge pantry this one will hurt!  But I am at least glad there is a pantry. not sure what they used it for as there are no shelves in it!  So off to Lowe's I go.... Yes, the one store where they know be my name!!

Keep tuned in and I will show the pictures of the completed cabinets!



  1. Thanks for sharing your chaulk paint kitchen! I have never used chaulk paint before but have read up on it a lot and just recently purchased some ASCP and wax. I was wondering if I could use it for my kitchen cupboards and love how yours turned out!

  2. I admit those old cabinets look good, but the newly painted ones are fantastic! You’ve done a great job in choosing the best paint for your cabinets, and I’m sure your future renovations will be perfect. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your renovation updates! :)

    Suzanne Dyck


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