Tuesday, March 18, 2014


You know I really don't mean that…… BUT  I had the brilliant idea Saturday to pick up some paint for the Family Room, you know to help tie it all together, and then I bought more ASCP in Paris Gray and I have now painted the end tables and coffee table…. now before you get all bent out of shape for me painting these items…. They were a good brand Bassett and were already painted, I bought them like that from the furniture store 11 years ago…. they were starting to get chipped up a bit, and since I was trying to steer away from it looking like a Red/White and Blue room, I thought it would be the perfect solution.  (My furniture is Navy leather and I do not see that changing anytime soon, it is in great shape) I think it was a good solution highlighting the Navy and adding Red and Gray, but I am pooped!  I found an inexpensive rug at Lowe's and some red pillows at Target', and….. and…..and…… I think I am finished.  I did replace the drapes, found some gray linen looking drapes that are energy efficient drapes.  So yes, indeed I am finished!  I think ASCP should be giving me a quantity discount ;)

First I moved everything in my nice clean Family Room off to the side and let the chaos begin!

Valspar "Nimbus Clouds" on the left and the old color a putty color on the right….

Oh yeah and I painted a shelf in Emperor's Silk and used Dark Wax on it…...

And the gray linen looking drapes…..

And there you have it the "New Look"…….  

I also painted the mantel with the Paris Grey and highlighted it with Emperor's Silk and Dark Wax

So there you have the "new look"…..

I think I will go take a shower and go to bed!


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  1. I think the color of your drapes complements the room as a whole. The color combination is perfect with a touch of gray. Not only do those drapes regulate the amount of natural light inside the room, they also provide privacy and insulation. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Jon Snow


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