Friday, January 17, 2014

Teal my favorite color…..

Why is it when you LOVE a certain color you want just a little bit a lot of it everywhere!  I am somewhat feeling like I am finished with the kitchen, until we replace the flooring!  I got the brilliant idea one day to paint my soffit with black chalkboard paint, cut out words with my cricket and do a subway art but also including chalk writing on the soffit….. ummm you will never see the the pictures it was a huge dislike… it was too busy with my "tile" backsplash so I ended up the next day painting over it all with the same Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I painted the cabinets with (CoCo)…. I love it now….   You can buy Annie Sloan at Fresh Vintage in Muscatine, Iowa…. They are very helpful!!  With adding the drapes to the kitchen and repainting the round chalkboards I am in love……

so to bore you with a few more pictures…..

and out these windows we can see our birds….

at any given time we see numerous cardinals, goldfinches, titmice, blue jays, nuthatches, chickadees, juncos, 4 or more kinds of woodpeckers.  We have 3 feeding stations set up and the goldfinches have emptied theirs daily and the others we fill every other day…. we are sure enjoying God's little creatures.

Yes the blue and red mugs don't look so hot…..

Love Teal……….

and yes, I still need to distress the wall cabinets above the "buffet"….

I love the song "his eye is on the sparrow"  and so did my Dad it was sung a number of years ago at his funeral…. thought it was fitting with our backyard bird population!

Happy Friday!  Nancy


  1. Your room looks wonderful. I think the teal is a perfect addition and I just love the teal curtains. We are planning some work in our kitchen and your post was an inspiration to me.


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