Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh Mercy Me.....

Why, oh why, do I do this?  I once upon a time had the most perfect craft room (this would be the first of many craft rooms I have had in the past 11 years) , after my husband of almost 30 years passed away 11 1/2 years ago a dear friend of ours finished the basement off in our new home......  I was an avid stamper at the time ( I sold Stampin' Up)  I had a good portion of the basement (1/4 of the basement) for my craft room.  I had built in cabinets, lots of counter top a wonderful work area, I even had what I will call my coffee bar, it had built in cabinets and a sink... oh why yes... I do have pictures.... So when I say "why, oh why", do I do this.... I just finished redoing my current craft room for the umpteenth time trying to make it more functional!

I had enough room in this, my first craft room to have 3 tables set up for classes! 

I sold this home in 2006 and moved close to my daughter and her new little family....  While I loved this craft room, I have no regrets of getting to love on my new little granddaughter on a daily basis... (she is now 8 1/2 )  Precious time indeed those 4 years and while  I lived there another one was born and I spoiled two little granddaughters!  

So stay tuned and I will show you what I did this week to my current craft/sewing room to make it more functional!

Happy Wednesday!  Nancy


  1. Wow what a great crafting space! I think that would be hard to give up, but of course being near your granddaughters is priceless. Looking forward to seeing your new space.

    1. I should have added that, I have lived in 3 different homes since then but no other craft room I have had compared to this one! I am hopefully where I will stay! ;) Bittersweet Story is that I remarried almost 5 years ago and now I am 5 hours away from that set of grandchildren but I am now an hour and 10 minutes away from my oldest daughter who now has 4 children... I keep the highways busy to say the least! I now have 7 of my own grandchildren and 2 step grandchildren under the age of 8 to spoil! Thanks Darryl for the comment! Nancy


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