Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Bag of the Month

Oh, did you think I quit making bags???  NOPE, just been super busy and a quilt or two got in the way!  This months bag was from Janelle at Emmalinebags.com  she is a fabulous pattern writer/designer and I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this purse!  It is the Manhattan Bag and there are actually two sizes the Mamma and the Miss.. The one I just did is the Miss but plan to make the Mamma soon!

Not sure if you can tell but the flap actually has a zipper all around and is a pocket you could put  your sunglasses in!

Hope you have a Blessed Tuesday!! Nancy


  1. It's beautiful Nancy! Love those fabrics. FYI: your comments to me on my blog are still coming in as a no-reply.

    1. Darryl, I recently went into Blogger again and changed it.... not sure what else to do!? HELP!! Nancy

    2. And most importantly THANK YOU for the compliment!!! :)


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