Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding Day

Today (May 22, 2010) is Megan and Kevin's wedding..... Megan is my stepdaughter.  I have had trouble saying step anything because I do not want any of Mark's children to think I am trying to "replace" their mother.  You can remodel houses, change the looks of things but you cannot replace someone!  I know that for a fact!  Mark and I love each other very much but also know that Gary and Robbin play a major role in our lives!  Now back to that beautiful bride!   I know she will be a beautiful bride because she is a beautiful young lady!  I pray that everything goes as she has planned today... I know this day will also be a bittersweet day for the family because Megan's mother passed away over a year and a half ago.  I understand the sadness surrounding this day because my own daughter Jala got married 14 months after her Dad died... (but that was 6 years ago)  It is not fair when your parents are not there for the monumental times in your life (walk you down the aisle, see you graduate from college, see each grandchild born; etc or let alone just the everyday things that go on in life!).  I pray that they will also find much joy in this day!  I truly believe that Robbin has a window from Heaven and that she is truly right there with Megan today!  Congratulations Megan and Kevin on your wedding and praying for a life full of wedded bliss!

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