Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday is here.....

I was really trying to be better about blogging, ummm maybe next week I will have more to post! :)  

Finally the new roof is on the apartment!  We had to take out the sunlights in the back entry :~( due too leaking....  the front entry roof was also redone!  Now maybe I can do some landscaping especially since it is getting a little cooler!

Mark and I are working on a little construction project I will soon be posting about....

Had some visitors here yesterday!  Bill and Cindy Kemna came to visit and it was so nice to see them!  

I have not started an Etsy Shop yet have decided not to launch it until after Spoon River!  Jala and I have been planning for some time to have a booth there at the "Barn"  so I have been saving my crafting stuff for Spoon!

Here is a glimpse of some of the headbands I have done for "Spoon".....

Just put another shelf for some egg baskets full of yarn....  Amber if you are reading this I have one for you!

LOVE IT when this room is CLEAN!!!

SERIOUSLY someone has a BAG PROBLEM!!!!!

Hope this finds your week going great!  

Once again a Labor Day that I will not make it to the festivities in Palestine.... NEXT YEAR it is on the AGENDA!!!   

Hope you have an awesome fun filled, safe.... Labor Day Weekend!!


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