Saturday, September 10, 2011

Welcome Little One!

All Life is precious but there is just something so very special about a new baby...  This week we had a new life added to our ever growing family!  Caitlyn Grace was born to Mark's oldest son Michael and his wife Jill!  We drove up the day she was born... Jill had a C-Section scheduled for Friday but as you can see this baby had a mind of her own and arrived a couple of days early weighing in at 7 pounds and 8 ounces.  This is Mark's second grandchild but first granddaughter!  To say the least he is quite proud of this little beauty.  She went a couple of days without a name so we are just learning to say her name!  

So bare with me as I once again show off a precious grandchild!  While she is not mine biologically I am still proud of her and will love her just like the rest of them!  It is hard when a new life is born not to think of our loved ones that are not here!  I have with each of my grandchildren that have been born gotten teary knowing just how proud their Papa Gary would of been so as I looked at little Caitlyn and I couldn't help but think how proud her Grandma Robbin would be having her very first granddaughter so I felt quite guilty even having my picture taken with her....  ( sorry it is so hard to explain, guess you would have to be me to understand!)

She certainly is a precious gift from God!

Caitlyn's is our 8th grandchild together.  Number 9 will be here in January!

Without further ado here is little Miss Caitlyn Grace!

To give credit where credit is due the music on the video is Eva Cassidy singing What a Wonderful World and the the pictures are mine!

One of my favorite pictures is with the hands of four generations and how she is grabbing her great grandmother's finger!  How very precious is that?  Girls have not happened very often in this family line... I believe Megan (Mark's daughter) was the first girl in 5 generations!

Hope you enjoy the video!


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