Sunday, November 27, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Or something like that!  Sorry I have been missing but as usual I have been really busy!  We had a granddaughter's baptism to go to, a Sweet little grandaughters 4th birthday party, and I have been working on an early Christmas present for one set of grandkids!
Caitlyn Grace

So here is a review in pictures!  

My Sweet little Capri turned 4!

The little girls got to make bracelets!



The early Christmas present was making a playroom for the grandkids that live on the farm!

Putting together IKEA Shelving!

John giving me a hand!

The kiddos checking things out!

A place for everything is our goal!

We are not finished completely with the playroom I will take pictures and post them when it is completely finished!  With a 4th baby on the way very soon, this momma needed somewhere that the kids could play, be safe and not cover the enter house with toys!  There are gates on the two inner doorways and Daddy was working on some locks here!  See the cute polka dotted rugs from IKEA?  We duct taped them together to make a runner!!!  Stay tuned for the final pictures!


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