Thursday, November 10, 2011

White Pumpkins....

Yes, I can't help it I like white pumpkins!!!  I bought some to set around in fall arrangements and ugh they are already turning brown!  To fix that dilemma I bought a couple of packages of fake pumpkins on sale at Joann's and a can of creamy colored spray paint! ( Robert, I just couldn't paint them silver!) and oooolaaaaaalaaaaaa I have white pumpkins that will last year after year!!

Any suggestions on how to camouflage my pretty painted window for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season so it doesn't look like Summer mixed with Winter?  I thought about putting vellum over each window pane?

So here are the before and after pictures of the pumpkins!

I covered the stems with painters tape!

See the real pumpkins by the arrangement and how they are already turning ugly?

this is the window in question!  How do I camouflage the summery flowers???

It sure got cold quickly and I have already seen the first snow fly although it didn't last long!

I hope you are stopping to think what all you have to be thankful for!  My list is a mile long!!!



  1. I love white pumpkins, too! I'm going to look for seeds and try to grow some next year. Considering how awful my pumpkin harvest was this year, it may just be a waste of time, but worth the try!

  2. Teresa, I love looking at all of your pictures you take!!!!


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