Friday, January 13, 2012

My personal Review of Yarn Shops and umm reorganizing my STASH!

The Craft Room hasn't been feeling too crafty lately....
WHY you might or might not ask?  Because I have accumulated just a wee bit too much yarn!  How could this have happened?  I love Knit Shops!  You walk into a shop and hopefully you are warmly greeted by a smiling face, hopefully this shop is a place that makes you want to just pull out your latest project and start knitting!  Most Knit Shops that I go to are just that way warm, friendly and inviting!  

One of my favorites I found a few years ago and I occasionally stop there to see what's new is in Morton, Illinois "EweNique Yarns" is a neat shop, and on any given day you will find Grandma, Daughter and Grandaughter all there working on some neat new project!  I love the variety this shop carries!

Of course back when I lived in Robinson, I loved to frequent "River Wools" in Terre Haute, IN and there you would find Martha always willing  to help you find the perfect yarn for your project! I miss going to that shop and all the classes they offered....

Another shop I love here in the Quad Cities is "Serendipity" in Muscatine, Iowa ..upon entering this shop you will find a really unique building in the Pearl Plaza with old wooden floors and lots of fun fibers!  You will be greeted by Francie or maybe Marie depending on which day you might go in the shop, but you will always feel a warm welcome to sit down and join in knitting at their large table!  If you feel the urge to have your favorite brew or a sandwich you can go to Elle's just behind the shop for something delicious!

Then onto Eldridge, Iowa you will find "365 days on a Farm" Knit Shop you will be instantly welcomed by Tammy or maybe her partner Scott!  What a sweet gal she is and so willing to help you with anything you might be thinking of knitting!  They are striving to carry only American made yarns, and they have lots and lots of wool, alpaca and spinning supplies galore if you have not checked them out you need to!  They also have a couple of knit groups, one on Wednesdays from 3-5 and Thursdays 5-7... and lots of specials nights on their calendar for all to enjoy!  While you are there you might want to go next door to the "Buzz" they have a great latte!

One of my other favorites is "Sit and Knit" in Knoxville, Il just past Galseburg!  Maureen is one sweet gal and talk about a ton of yarn, you want it she has it!  She is quite helpful with her ample supply of yarn and knowledge!  If she doesn't have it in stock have no fear she will order it for you!  She just makes you want to knit something!  I make frequent stops at her shop coming to and from my daughters house in Fairview!

Another shop that I like is in Galesburg, IL "Knit 102"  is a warm and friendly place, the owner Sally is quite helpful and if you are looking for a sewing bag she carries "Namaste" which I consider the best!  I bought a Red Hermosa and love it!   Her prices cannot be beat!

I was thrilled to find out this week that there is a new shop opening up in Bettendorf, Iowa at 3359 Devils Glen Road, " The Knit & Knot"  their grand opening is coming up this Tuesday, January 17th.  The shop is on the north side of Devils Glenn in a strip mall by a Family Credit Union and near the Coffee Hound.  I happened to stop in the other day and Joy seemed like a real sweet gal and I wish her the best in her new endeavor!

Okay so that is my review on my favorite shops that I sometimes frequent!

When we are traveling in a new area you can just bet that I am keeping my eye open for a Knit Shop, I love seeing the different things that each one carries on their shelves!  I found one in Myrtle Beach that the minute you stepped in the door they were introducing themselves to you and inviting you to come on in and make yourself at home.... they certainly had a way of giving everyone who came in a warm fuzzy feeling, Julie was with me and I am surprised they didn't pursued her to start knitting!!

So is there any doubt why my stash of yarn has grown, I go into these awesome shops and before I know it I am walking out with a bag of softness just waiting for the right project to come along to use it on!

Without further ado I will show you some pictures of some of my organization.... maybe before the weekend is out you will get a full tour! :~)

I had previously had most of my yarn sitting in baskets, but I decided my stash was probably collecting too much dust that way and decided only the yarn that I could see all the time (from my desk) would be out in the open for me to see and to touch!  I think this will make me a happy and I will be really happy if I can complete this organizational project this weekend!!!  Hope you have a good one!


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