Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

I don't know what the weather has been like where you live, but here in Iowa we have had a rather mild winter!  High 50's is just a little strange in January, coming into February who knows what we can expect?  Whatever we get we certainly don't have any room to complain about it!  At least I hope I am not complaining!  I for one enjoy each season, although I could do without 100 degree temperature in the Summertime, but I take it as it comes!  I really do like a good snow storm, so call me weird if you want!  I think hot chocolate, fireplace, curled up on the couch knitting!  Oh to dream!!

But now where have I been hiding you might (or might not) ask?   I went visiting last week!  I went to see  my Mother, my two sisters and their hubbies, and last but not least my daughter and her family!  I enjoyed my visit with everyone and even enjoyed a chinese dinner with an old friend!  (Oh yeah  Pat I know I am older than you!  But you are one of my longest friendships!

I even had a chance to see Anne from my old coffee shop in Robinson, although now she is enjoying being a Stay at Home Mom to this adorable little guy!  When I knitted this owl hat I had Rhett in mind and hoped it would fit him and that it did quite perfectly!

So now what am I doing?  Well, I have several hats to get done for some orders... which by the way I am giving all the proceeds to Amber to help with the expenses of adopting a baby boy from Bulgaria!  $25. is the fee so if you are interested shoot me an email!  The pattern is my own creation!  Yay, first time for me on creating my own pattern!

Tomorrow I will post some pictures about our latest project here in This Old House!

Happy Wednesday to all of you!


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