Tuesday, May 8, 2012

fun times.....

I had the joy of getting to see my two granddaughters in their school programs..... What Fun!!!

Capri doing her cowgirl dance with her teacher....

Abigail smiling at me!

And of course I did what every good Grandma would do... I took the kids to DQ almost everyday after school!  

I had a great time but the week went so fast!

S N A K E S..... Did I ever mention that I really dislike snakes???  Well, one evening we were working on getting the weeds out of Amber's landscaping,   and she went to get a pair of work gloves off the shelf in her garage right behind the orange bag in the picture below.... and low and behold there was a snake laying on the bag.... Talk about some freaked out women (she and I)  and her hubby bless his little heart didn't see the need to come right home and take care of it.... It was actually pretty funny.

So we go the neighbor to come over and move the bags.... and the poor snake was trying to get away....

Otto was trying to help us out....

 He even had his spider man gloves to help and some tools

But alas the neighbor did come and kill the snake.... I am sorry if you are a snake lover, and yes I am well aware they will eat mice and bugs and such....  I do not like snakes!

Hope you are having a good week!!!


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