Monday, May 7, 2012

Some snapshots .....

My life has been on the road lately.... visiting in Northwestern Iowa one week.... and Southern Illinois the next.... I have landed at home for a few days!

I never got my camera out of the car the first week... What was I thinking?  But I do have a couple of pictures from the time before that I never got posted....

This little gal will jump and jump and jump till it just wears her out!!!!

And this little guy here can go and go and go till he wears you out!  These two pictures 
were taken in February, but I just spent five days with these two cuties.... C man 
enjoyed me picking him up from school everyday and taking him for ice cream 
and to the park to play!!

Last week I headed south to tend to some landscaping at my house..... I have a gal pull 
weeds for me and try to keep up with it.  but it was in terrible need of MULCH.... I 
had the landscape place deliver 8 scoops of mulch, and didn't think I would get it 
all down.... but with the help of Amber, Dan and Mark we made it!  I had enough 
left to supply them with mulch for their yard and also a neighbor and friend across 
from them!  That was a lot of MULCH!!! So Thankful to have done and off of my 
mind!  I also had to see about some hail damage to my garage.. not sure if there 
is any damage elsewhere but I have an adjustor coming to check it out!  

You get the picture, there is some extensive landscaping here that just cannot be ignored!!! 
I do miss my pretty yard.... but I know with a lot of work we can have the yard here
looking pretty spiffy!!



  1. Hi Nancy,

    Your gardens are gorgeous! So many lovely blooming plants. I'm visiting from Flaunt it Friday. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.


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