Monday, October 22, 2012

oh where have I been?

I have been busy.... mostly knitting.  I have knitted up a storm to help raise money to help bring my Bulgarian grandson home!  Trying to fill requests for certain items.  I will soon wish I had never seen a monkey hat.  I really prefer making the owl hats!  I have had orders for several shawls.  Always glad to finish up what people want so I can KNIT what I want!  :)  I am thankful God gave me the gift of using my hands to make things, I love it most when I GIVE a scarf to a daughter or friend, make a hat for a grandchild and once in a blue moon make something for me.  I put my LOVE into each item I knit and hope the wearer feels it!   Here are a couple of things I have finished up lately!

I must say that the Wingspan Scarf is my absolute FAVE!!!!!

I have not blocked this one yet but will be doing so!

 The Summerflies shawl was fun to make too!  I can say that now that it is finished!

This one I about got sick of knitting........

Hope you have a BLESSED DAY today!


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