Saturday, January 26, 2013


I know it looks like I am trying to get through January quickly but I usually try to decorate for Valentine's Day beginning mid January..... I figure it will stay up till Valentine's Day and put away shortly after!

Valentine's Day has always been a favorite of mine!  My birthday is two days after Valentine's Day and my Mother ALWAYS made me a HEART cake for my Birthday!  I was ALWAYS told of how my mother went into labor with me from laughing so hard at a Valentine's Party at church!  Speaking of my Momma, I sure do miss her she had to be the best DIY'er I ever knew, and I learned from the best..... she could take nothing and make something!  She always had our homes looking so wonderful!  She always wanted to know what I was working on!  She cheered me on!

Then to top things off Mark and I were married on Valentine's Day 3 years ago!  I am so thankful God put Mark into my life....  After stopping by a widowed friends house one evening recently it reminded me of how incredibly lonely I was..... Mark was my knight in Shining Armor and I am so thankful of how our lives entwined!

Here are a few shots of the downstairs looking ready for the next holiday!

I loved making my cone trees, THANK YOU Pinterest (but here is the actual blog with a tutorial for the cone trees).... and I loved making the Valentine's Calendar that I found over on another blog.  Go check it out and download your own calendar over at  Me and My DIY.... all you have to do is punch out some hearts!  I have bookmarked her blog and will be following her!

The frame above came from Michaels unpainted, for around $9.00 I actually used it for Christmas also! The heart and words were cut out on my Cricut Machine.

The Bunting is from the Dollar Spot at Target, the Cone tree is a styrofoam cone covered with red yarn, the framed art was a download two years ago from a blog.

Whoever said that Candy Canes are just for Christmas???

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!



  1. I love adding pops of holiday decor all over my house too! Your home looks wonderful! I love how your calendar turned out! Thanks for the link and idea. Have a great day!!

  2. You have decorated so beautifully. Love the flowers in the blue vase, the colors are so nice together. I saw your link at Frugal Friday, thanks for sharing with us.


  3. Nancy, your kitchen, dining area and mantel are all decorated so beautifully, and I don't just mean the Valentine's stuff. What a beautiful home! Thanks again for your sweet comment and link to my February calendar. Have a great weekend!



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