Sunday, February 17, 2013

What am I up to now?

I have been busy lately (yeah I know that is nothing unusual)......  In a little town near where one set of grandchildren live they have a Teeny Tiny Tea Party on Super Bowl Sunday.....  I have always hoped that someday I could go with my granddaughters.  (next year I am hoping my other daughter and granddaughter can go too!)   The event has been held for at least 25 years, so they really know how to do it up right!  The little girls bring their dolls, they have a doll parade they sing, we ate teeny tiny food, they danced and they had a wonderful time!  This year it happened and we had a grand time!  Here are a few shots of the tea party.....

ME with two of my granddaughters (note to self:  change your profile picture, yes this past year I let my hair go grey!)

My youngest daughter with her daughters

Sipping tea, oh they loved the sugar cubes!

and Rapunzel even visited!

And then I had some knitting to do.... trust me I do not post every picture of every item I knit on here!  If I did it would be filled with pictures.... I have been a knitting machine this past year trying to help raise money for my daughter's family who is in the process of an overseas adoption..... which is very expensive!  After setting up at two different venues in the fall to sell my wares, in late November I opened a Facebook Page called "Wrapped in Love"  and by December 5th I was closing off taking orders.  The response was overwhelming and I made delivery on all of my orders.  Below are a few items that I did in the last couple of weeks for close friends and family members.  I am now on a mission to finish my husbands cardigan from that beautiful baby alpaca yarn that he bought when we were on vacation last fall in Colorado!  I will soon take orders again, it has been a rather successful adventure and all monies are donated to the cause!   (I am donating my yarn and time)  It is my way of physically doing something to help raise money for them!

Yoga Socks for my sister in law
Moebius Infinity scarf for a little friend 

My granddaughter modeling a bear/cowl hat
So if that isn't enough to keep busy, Mark and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on Valentine's day and yesterday we celebrated my birthday!  Life is good!  Thankful for our savior's hand in our lives!  Next on my agenda is putting away my Valentine's decoration and bringing out my spring decor!   Somewhere in there my craft room needs some never ending attention!  (you crafters out there know what I mean!)  :)

Blessings,  Nancy


  1. I love the tea party! What a wonderful idea, and how fun for you to get to share it with your daughter and granddaughters. It looks like a lot of fun. It reminds me of when my girls were little and we went to tea at the American Girl Place in Chicago. So fun! And your knitting is just beautiful. I particularly love the yoga socks. They look so soft! I don't do a lot of yoga myself, but they look really comfy anyway. I wish the best of luck to your daughter on the adoption. I know it can be a real roller coaster of emotions, and not easy at times. She is so blessed to have a mother like you helping her out both emotionally and financially. Best wishes to all of you!


  2. Geesh, cannot believe I just saw this comment! Thanks Debbie!!!


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