Thursday, August 14, 2014

This n That.....

Oh gee, the month is almost half over, kids are starting back to school.... WHERE did the Summer go?  I have been busy doing lots of things...

We have had some major projects going on here at the homestead....  new roof, blacktopped the driveway, patio being built by my sweet hubby and I am doing some landscaping!  In the midst of all of that I got to spend some precious time with my two girls and all of the kiddos, we met at a halfway point..... They had a great time together!  We heard two of the "J" boys in the back of the van on the way home from an overnight in a Hotel (with a pool that they loved playing in)  and they were telling us that they had their cousin "O" hidden in the back of the van... We chuckled, but the truth is they had so much fun playing together all 7 of them and I can imagine one of these days my youngest daughters family will have that little boy from Bulgaria and it will be even more fun, it just doesn't happen frequently enough!!! :(

My youngest daughter has been a stay at home mother for the past 6 years, and since everyone is in school "O" the youngest of her brood is in preschool this year...  She landed a position as the grade school counselor her "dream job" .... she was in need of a lanyard, might I just say she wanted one? Then again that isn't how I roll......

and a glimpse of the landscaping... not yet finished....  The brick is just laid there to show how I want it.... it needs leveled into place.... but it is beginning to look so nice outside!  We took the shutters off and power washed the front of the house!  It is really coming together nicely.... soon I will post before and after shots!

Happy Thursday to all!  Be Blessed!

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