Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Patio Project

It has not been quite a year since we purchased this 30 something year old home...... since  July we have been project crazy.... the home did not have a "realistic" driveway (it had not been rocked in years (there is nothing wrong with rocked driveways by the way) and had a curve and everyone about ended up in the ravine when backing out) so the first project was straightening the driveway and knocking out some trees.. a blacktop driveway with a turn around spot, that all involved some bulldozing!  Then we laid some new flooring in the kitchen, dining room and hallway.  The next on the list was a storage shed and landscaping.... The project I love the most is what Mark has been working on and it is almost completed!  A paved patio, it required an upper retaining wall and tons of sweat.....  We still have some detailed finishing work to do, cutting the stone's on the edge......

 AND because you know how one thing always leads to another the picture below shows where we are going to add a second level to the patio.... these stones below will be removed to add a stairway down to the second level.....

AND the firepit we have on this level will be removed and put on the lower level, I  know sounds like a lot of work but this was all of my hubby's idea and I think it sounds fantastic!!

AND tonight we are breaking in the grill with some fantastic steak that my son in law raises!!!  We might even have a fire in the firepit!

I am sure we will get years of enjoyment out of this addition to our home!!!

Happy Weekend!  Nancy

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