Friday, November 7, 2014

A long overdue gift

What did someone tell me one time about good intentions?     Well obviously I had good intentions and it just did not get done..

A family friend got married over a year ago, (yes I am embarrassed) I was going to mail a gift before the wedding, since I could not attend the wedding... then time got away from me....  So this year on their first anniversary (in May) I thought I would just make something for them that I knew the bride/new wife would just love.  So fast forward to November and I was cleaning my craft room again and came across everything for the gift.  I decided it was time, time for me to just get that present finished.  I finished it and mailed it on the same day and the sweet couple (Katlyn & Jordan) should be getting that gift any day now!

Katlyn loves bright colors and loves elephants even more.  When I saw this fabric I knew exactly what I was going to make for her!  A thermal casserole carrier!

The pattern is a freebie from 2 Little Hooligans although when I make this I add at least 3 inches in length to both pieces.

AND who doesn't like a gift with their name on it?  I used my Cricut machine and made a stencil and etched her name on the side.... as long as the dish doesn't get broken, she will always know which dish is hers!  Look real close below and you can see her name on the side.....

Hope this provides the couple with many years of casserole carrying to different events!!!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. The fabric is adorable. I'm sure she'll be very pleased with her fabric. You know what they say, better late than never.

    1. I really felt bad... the bride texted me and loved it, I told her "Do NOT send me a thank you" I was so late I really felt bad! It was kind of a surprise present she wasn't expecting! Nancy


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