Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Professional Tote (aka Diaper Bag)

My friend Pat's daughter Amanda was soon to be in need of a diaper bag.... so I went fabric shopping with Momma's specifications of what she would like to have.  Momma then sent me to the VB (you know Vera Bradley) website to take a peek at the bag she liked.  I hunted and hunted and hunted some more in search of the perfect pattern for such diaper bag.  After purchasing three (yes three) patterns I came across to what I thought was the perfect bag  "The Professional Tote".  It fit the bill for the size, pockets and straps.

The floral fabric was great the Chevron was really hard to work with.... it was not even straight on the bolt so it was a bear to get straight....

When finished I gave it two really good overall sprays of Scotchgard Fabric Protectant.....

I love the pockets on the inside.... even a place to hang your keys... and the center zip pocket is padded and safe even for your IPad  (you know you can never start technology to early these day...) haha

 and the feet.... you gotta have feet and with a bag this big it was deserving of 6 feet!

Here is a couple of pics of my Diaper/Wipe Changing Pad Clutch  I used the pattern from 
Made by MarziPan    It was rather simple, except I got into a big hurry so I could get this bag out, for Heaven's Sake She had the baby this week!!!! (not the not so rounded corners....)  I am my own worst critic.....  

I used Pul fabric on the inside and thought it a little hard to work with.....  It is too stretchy!


Happy Weekend!



  1. This may be a duplicate comment, if so I apologize. I can't tell if it sent my first.

    Did you mix the three patterns you purchased to make this, or is Professional Tote the name of the pattern you ended up using? It's adorable and I would love to make one.

    1. I only used the Professional Tote pattern for this Diaper bag! Nancy

  2. Everything looks great and at least you're not late like the wedding present LOLLL

    1. HAHA Maria, you are so right, can't be late with something like this.... the grandma is a dear friend and babies don't wait!!! Nancy


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