Monday, May 2, 2016

I love C R E A T I N G beautiful things....

One of my life long passions is simply crafting.... making beautiful things.. but... I receive so much JOY from teaching someone else to do something that they did not think they could make!  For the last 10 months I have been teaching in some Quilt Shops.. I have mainly taught Bag Making, but as of late I have taught the Fold n Stitch Wreath and just this past Saturday I taught the Quick and Cute Tuffet by Erin Underwood..  It is so awesome when I see the excitement and hear it in their voices, because sometimes you just need someone to guide you through it the first time and then LOOK OUT you go full force and make more......

Oh and just so you know... when I teach a class EACH student must buy their own pattern... no sharing.

I will share some pictures of the latest class I have taught....

The below picture is from Quilting in the Valley in Lasalle, IL.....  The fun thing is I made four new friends!

Below is the Fold n Stitch Wreath I taught at The Quilting Bee in Galesburg, IL

Happy Monday.... What are you making??


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