Saturday, April 23, 2016

A little makeover.....

Sometimes the smaller things can make the biggest difference!  In the picture below... do you see the double sliding doors on the left?  Well those doors went to our pantry and they were a pain in the hind end!  If you had them slid one way you need something on the other side... If you had them slid the other way... well you get the picture.  It was hard putting things away and getting things out.  It was always a mess.  Sooooo I got the brilliant idea to put in French Doors.


They were inexpensive Pine French Doors from Menards (less than $250.)  I painted them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence toned down with Arles, to give it a little different color. I put frosted contact paper in the windows so you cannot see all the stuff on the shelves.  Even though it is organized I still do not want it showing.  

 A better shot of the doors.

And the inside... I love this.  It has made so much difference!  Thanks to my hubby for being the muscles behind this project!!

and you thought I was finished.... Ha ha.. I am always looking for another project!!

Happy Weekend!  Nancy

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