Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The upstairs Bathroom Room #3

The upstairs bathroom..... was a little bit of a challenge it was just plain old... it was usable just no shower....

So we began by tearing out all the old fixtures except the tub which we decided to have resurfaced.  Can you believe the tiles were plastic?  It is a small bathroom but it will be sufficient!  It just needs updated and prettified!  Did I just make up that word?   We were trying really hard to get the bathroom completely done before Megan's wedding, we didn't get it done but we had it functional!  (Does that count?)

First on the agenda after removing the ancient sink (I swear it was put in for short people) and the toilet.... we had to call in a plumber to put in a new drain in the tub and to put in the plumbing for a shower and to put in new lines and shut off valves for the sink and toilet.

Mark prepped the walls in the shower by putting concrete backer board on the walls and I tiled and grouted the shower!  (If you watch HGTV enough you think you can tackle almost anything as is my case with the tiling I first tiled in 2002 when Gary and I bought a new home and I wanted tile around the fireplace.)  It really is fairly easy and I have done several tile jobs including helping my brother in law tile their new home.

We decided to put Bead Board on the walls and I think it was an awesome choice!  One thing always leads to another and after having guests while still working on the bathroom we decided to put in an exhaust fan.  That was a huge deal just trying to figure out where to vent it, because yes ladies and gentlemen there is a third floor that is completely done even has a half bath. (I have not even thought what to do to on the third floor but in my imagination see a scene from Pottery Barn with twin beds lined up for the grand kids!)

At this very moment Premier is here from Eldridge, Iowa coating the old porcelain bath tub to make it look brand new!  (June 8, 2010)

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