Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun Time with Nana

I had the joy of staying with these two beautiful little girls while their Mommy and Daddy were away at the hospital having their baby brother!  They are so precious and I do miss seeing them on a daily basis since I moved away!  Don't worry they got a double dose of spoiling while I was there, although I think I was in a bit of trouble for letting them sleep with me, since they wanted to sleep with Mommy and Daddy when everyone came home from the hospital!  Sorry Amber!  This week Bible School is going on and the theme is
Saddleback Ridge.... HABC does an awesome job every year putting on Vacation Bible School... So Sunday morning when we went to Sunday School the girls wore their western outfits that looked adorable!  They went in toting little albums of their baby brother and it was so sweet watching them show everyone who would look and listen!  Thanks Amber and Dan for allowing me to spoil the girls!

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