Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Knitting :)

Today the guy is here spraying the bathtub to make it look brand new and might I add it really smells.....  The dogs are locked up in a room and I myself am locked up in my craft room, and what am I doing? I am knitting.... a surprise for a new little guy that will arrive soon in my life... his momma likes to send me pics saying isn't this cute? http://www.etsy.com/listing/48192860/little-man-hat-in-blues?ref=cat1_gallery_4 So I feel obligated to knit, well not necessarily obligated but I would rather make something they want any day!  So while my house is smelly from the paint I decided to start this so I can give it to Amber this weekend to have ready for the newest member of the family when the day comes....

Some wash cloths I have in my gift bin.....

Taaaa Daaaaa !!!! The hat for Baby "R" is finished!!! It was a quick knit and I worked on it off and on today while I was hiding from the paint fumes... got it done late this afternoon!

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