Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Absent without Leave!

I guess I have been absent from this blog for the past week!  We have been so busy the last month moving two of our children, one just across town in Missouri and the other from here to New Orleans!  Then in between that we have been visiting children and grandchildren here and yonder!  I have one more trip this weekend!! Little Otto turns ONE and we cannot miss that!  Little Jilane and Jagger are going to be in a wedding and I would love to see that one!  Hopefully Momma will get some pictures!  Hopefully I will also get to visit my mother since we are heading south!

In all of that the only crafty thing I have accomplished is knitting in my travels!  So here are a couple of projects in the works... A vest for whichever of the boys it will fit, then I will have to alter the pattern to fit all the boys between 4 years and down to 9 months!  I would like to get those all done by fall but you also know I cannot just work on one thing unless I am working on a hat!  I am also taking a fairaisle knitting class so that should be a fun project!

SOON I will have some house projects to show you!  Can't wait for those!

In the meantime here are some knitting pictures to bore you with!

Back of the first Boys Vest I am working on!  It is a tweed green!

Dropped stitch scarf made with a ribbon type of yarn.  Not sure I will do one of these again, although I love the teal colors in it!

Potato Chip Scarf or Ruffled scarf (Pattern on Ravelry) because they claim you cannot knit just one! 
The yarn I am using has sequins in it and it gives it a little sparkly here and there!

Hoping you all have an awesome week!



  1. Hi Nancy,

    Knitting photos are NEVER boring! :) Just found your blog from Jayme the Coop Keeper and thought I'd say hello!

  2. Thanks Debbie, I bookmarked your blog! Love your quilts and the peaks I have seen of your knitting!!


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