Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend of Travels

We took a trip south over the weekend, first to see my mother who is in a nursing home and secondly to see the birthday boy who turned one!  I did get some knitting done while we traveled! 

I took some pictures of something we put together for my mother, she loves looking at pictures and really doesn't have much of  a place to put them... so my sister in law Shanda came up with the idea of making a big poster board with a flower pot on it and to put flowers with everyone's faces in the center of the flower!   I had some paper flowers for scapbooking that I use and I also attached slips of paper with names by the pictures.  Mom still knows us and oh how her face lights up when she sees you coming... it always makes me cry.. I just feel so badly that she has to be there... She sadly doesn't know much different.  Most days she really doesn't know where she is!  I guess in some ways that is a good thing.  Mom has always been a good natured person, so she goes with the flow pretty well.  The staff always says she is so nice to be around.  Doesn't really make me feel that much better though!  Thanks  to Shanda for the idea and getting it started with the making of the flower pot and stems and to Jean and Pat for attaching the flowers to the flower pot!  Mom has really enjoyed looking at the pictures!

Otto turned one and he is just the cutest little thing!  He has two big sisters who absolutely adore him!  He wasn't quite sure what to do with his cake!  I don't think he really ever got into the cake part just ended up with icing all over him and when he was done he was done!  My grandkids brings such joy into my life, it is undescribable!   Capri and Abigail came squealing "Nana is here, Nana, Nana" when they saw me and their cousin from the other side of their family was with them and they wanted to know if I would be Elizabeth's Nana too?  What could I say?  Of course I will!  She hugged me!  :)  She of course has her own grandmothers but evidently not one called Nana!  I laughed!  What they don't think of!

Wish I had pictures of Jilane and Jagger they were Flower Girl and Ring Bearer in a friend's wedding on Saturday, Jagger bailed out on them and wouldn't go down the aisle, but I hear he looked adorable!  I hear Jilane performed her duties without a hitch and looked as pretty as a princess!  Jala made their outfits so I hope to get some pictures of them soon!

Here is the finished vest for one of the boys!

Waiting to be knitted!

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